I reported this bug from a system without an SSD.  Recently, I have not seen the kernel messages appear however--currently on linux 4.2.5. 

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Comment # 235 on bug 54226 from arrowsmith@pythian.com
FWIW, my issue (https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54226#c191), was
resolved by uninstalling various components, re-installing and updating them. I
have a hunch (completely unproven) that it was a transparent bit-fail issue
from the SSD. By un-installing and re-installing, the files were likely
installed to a different location on the drive. It wasn't configuration, as I
tried erasing, and even rolling back to defaults, with the problem still
persisting. As it was almost daily, prior to uninstall, and hasn't happened
since the install, this is all I can attribute it to.

HTH someone.

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