I have tested with a native HDMI 2.0 AVR (denon x2300W) and TV and can confirm that passthru FAILS in Linux, same as 1.4b. No difference.

To further clear doubts, during that test I confirmed that the HDMI connection was working in 2.0 mode (18Gbps IIRC), playing back 4K 60fps  content, reported by both the AVR and Kodi.

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Comment # 96 on bug 98797 from dCrypt
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> Does passthrough work in Windows in PCON mode (HDMI 2.0), or only in LS mode
> (HDMI 1.4)? i915 always uses PCON mode.

Could it be just that, that LS mode is supported in Windows and not in Linux? I
mean, I have HDMI 1.4 decoder and TV and my NUC6CAYH also fails in Linux, while
it works in Windows. But I can't test in HDMI 2.0 equipment as I don't have
access to any. I can't speak for the rest posting, but maybe it will be useful
if someone can confirm that a native HDMI 2.0 AVR was tested in Linux. Not
likely, but maybe we all share a common DP1.2->LSPCON->HDMI2.0->AVR HDMI 1.4
setup working in LS mode in Linux, thus failing.

(In reply to Jani Nikula from comment #91)
> (In reply to chrisk2305 from comment #90)
> > just try in Kodi. And yes it works in Windows.
> Can you differentiate between PCON and LS modes of the LSPCON in Windows,
> and say with certainty that passthrough works in PCON mode in Windows?

And, more important, also say with tertainty that passthrough also fails in
PCON mode in Linux (native HDMI 2.0 AVR) ... I haven't seen any confirmation of
it within the thread.

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