The corruption suggestion is interesting. My RX580 does this and now it won't even boot on windows anymore, just crashes. 

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I get these errors when attempting to boot after a normal GPU hang and KMS

Recently I've been getting another type of hang somehow. After a normal hang
happens, where my screen gets garbled output, I can't even get past KMS in the
next couple of boots. I can fix this by flipping my VBIOS switch, which heavily
leads me to believe that amdgpu somehow corrupts the GPU's firmware. I have
attached the error I get when KMS happens at boot, which happens after I get a
hang while using the system normally. The monitor doesn't display anything when
this happens, but I can still control caps lock, etc., however I can not shut
it off normally. I have not tested whether SSH and such still work.

This honestly makes me doubt whether what I am experiencing is the same bug; is
it simply a faulty GPU? I am using a Sapphire RX 580 4GB, which I bought used
from a windows user. It *did* work for him, so obviously it isn't entirely
broken at least.

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