Ah, sorry. The -D version is for the command line, in the cross file it would be :
c_link_args = ['-L', '/path']

I'm on mobile, please excuse autocorrect fail.

On Thu, Jul 4, 2019, 17:56 <bugzilla-daemon@freedesktop.org> wrote:

Comment # 3 on bug 110735 from charlie
I can wait.

Setting "-Dc_link_args" in a config file results in:
meson: error: unrecognized arguments: ..

So I set it in a meson crossfile like:
c_link_args = ['-L /home/a/lib32']

Results in 'XvMCW not found'.

I also tried setting a native file
(https://mesonbuild.com/Native-environments.html) mesa32.ini like:

libdir = '/home/a/lib32'
prefix = '/home/a'

Still not found.

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