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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
36606 LibreOff Spreadsh libreoffice-bugs NEW --- FILEOPEN: EASTERSUNDAY() function doesn't initially display properly on loading .XLS(X) file 2013-01-26
37864 LibreOff Spreadsh libreoffice-bugs NEW --- EDITING Calc Input bar error looses last character of pasted content 2013-01-31
39835 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- FORMATTING: formatting of numbered list lost when copy-paste from web-browser 2013-05-02
37773 LibreOff Drawing libreoffice-bugs NEW --- FILESAVE FILEOPEN Draw exporting .odg to .eps removes inserted image 2013-09-01
37650 LibreOff Drawing libreoffice-bugs NEW --- FILEOPEN: particular .svg (exported from .odg) renders text invisible importing 2013-09-12
37156 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- FORMATTING: Paste table result different for paste destination "table cell" or "normal text area" 2013-09-18
37004 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Flip image (horizontally/vertically) broken when copying from MS-Paint (Win7) 2013-10-15
37310 LibreOff Presenta libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Text color in pptx file looks different in Impress than in PowerPoint 2013-12-16
36210 LibreOff Spreadsh libreoffice-bugs NEW --- disable "Insert" command impossible through dispatch framework 2014-02-27
38394 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- EDITING: Can't insert a French opening quote after an apostrophe using AutoCorrection 2014-05-03
37534 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- [FORMATTING] Table of Contents does not apply "Numbering followed by" property 2014-05-06
37926 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- FILEOPEN FORMATTING Writer imports Hebrew Word .doc file and missing some text after page break 2014-08-04
37607 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- FILESAVE Bullets are not converted to asterisk saving to plain text 2014-08-16
36535 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- EDITING: Updating of Frame Style not working correctly, anchoring to character do not updates 2014-12-30
36958 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Undo does not reset text format after inserting formatted text at end of paragraph 2015-01-07
15 bugs found.


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