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26 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
31481 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- [RFE] Split pane in same window for side-by-side proof reading/ translating of 2 different files 2014-12-13
53300 LibreOff Chart libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Calc charts - Impossible to choose non-contiguous cells/lines/columns when editing data range 2014-09-08
35136 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- "Reset Page Numbering after title pages" option does not work 2014-07-15
37878 LibreOff Spreadsh libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Fields with conditional formatting not exported correctly to HTML 2014-09-17
38781 LibreOff Document libreoffice-bugs NEW --- LOCALHELP for WRITER Navigation Toolbar ('View -> Toolbars -> Navigation') missing 2013-05-22
38848 LibreOff Drawing libreoffice-bugs NEW --- FILEOPEN: VIEWING LibreOffice_external_logo.SVG view cruelly damaged 2014-07-28
38891 LibreOff UI libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Ctrl+Alt+? shortcuts don't work on some keyboard layouts 2014-06-23
39049 LibreOff Presenta libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Slide pane: overview/preview during editing (in several columns) 2013-01-29
39053 LibreOff Libreoff libreoffice-bugs NEW --- EMF are not drawn correctly. 2014-10-20
39102 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Object anchor displayed outside the page area 2014-01-11
39124 LibreOff Spreadsh libreoffice-bugs NEW --- copy base table to calc uses wrong codepage for paste 2013-11-24
39178 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Writer EDITING, FILESAVE: Working of "record/track changes" is extremely slow (Press enter takes one minute) 2015-01-05
39316 LibreOff Spreadsh libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Data corruption in array formulas 2015-01-23
39351 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- incorrect FORMATTING of Arabic Subtending marks 2013-11-26
39366 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- track changes: accepting more recorded changes in one step 2013-10-22
39529 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Webdav access doesn't lock the file 2014-08-18
39921 LibreOff Linguist libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Russian dictionary needs a proper numbers handling 2015-01-05
41468 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- FILEOPEN: table in particular MSO2007 .docx file has excessively wide and out of bounds last column 2014-07-30
46520 LibreOff Presenta libreoffice-bugs NEW --- [FILEOPEN] "Incorrect file version" when opening a PPT v 4.0 file--pre 97-2003 binary format-- (error message need to be improved) 2014-12-07
52552 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- issues with password-protected read-only files 2014-10-11
39274 LibreOff Spreadsh libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Add ability to set highlight color for text (Calc) 2014-10-04
39910 LibreOff Spreadsh libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Text-Wrapping Doesn't Wrap Long HyperLinks Resulting in Cutoff Text 2013-11-13
60242 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- TABLE: Split cell default choice 2013-03-05
39449 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEED --- Tools->Customize->Events / Assigned Macros don't work 2014-11-10
39655 LibreOff Spreadsh libreoffice-bugs NEED --- When the spreadsheed is saved as .xls (office 97) the second sheet (on footerpage) starts whith 0 (zero) 2015-01-24
44051 LibreOff Drawing libreoffice-bugs NEED --- Snap lines in QT build has issues.... 2014-07-20
26 bugs found.


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