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14 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
45636 LibreOff Printing libreoffice-bugs NEW --- ACCESSIBILITY: Add support for PDF/UA (PDF/Universal Accessibility) - ISO 14289 2013-09-19
45056 LibreOff Spreadsh libreoffice-bugs NEW --- PRINTING: define different scale modes for different tabs in Calc 2012-09-05
45785 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- [RFE, FORMATTING] Permit aligning text vertically in text zones 2013-07-25
45888 LibreOff Libreoff libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Functionality request: Automatic horizontal centring of Custom page sizes for printing 2012-07-20
46051 LibreOff filters libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Feature Request: Writer->Impress filters and command line support thereof 2014-01-06
46694 LibreOff Libreoff libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Cannot Wrap Long Formulas Insert->Object->Formula in Writer and Calc 2012-02-28
47523 LibreOff Spreadsh libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Functionality request for PIVOTTABLE: Add option for Pivot table will count empty cells in single-column data source 2013-07-18
49333 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- TABLE: when table is selected you cannot change column width and roe height with mouse on the border of column 2014-02-15
50050 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Make LE (Link End) Index/Table Entry component character style match LS (Link Start) by default 2014-12-02
51807 LibreOff Database libreoffice-bugs NEW --- No method to open a report from a macro with a filter 2015-01-03
45381 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Inherit font for Western punctuation in CTL text. 2013-07-17
45781 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- [RFE] Replacing an image in writer 2013-10-22
45782 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- [RFE] Referencing images in writer 2012-03-02
47914 LibreOff Formula libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Enhancement Request: Please add Laplace symbol 2014-05-31
14 bugs found.


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