Fri Feb 23 2018 04:54:16 UTC
[anholt] dear autoconf, I'm sorry for the bad things I've said about you. It's me. I'm just not good at shell scripting, and I lashed out at you. I apologize.
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
26194 xorg Driver/n nouveau RESO DUPL nouveau reports DPI correctly in Xorg.0.log, but value reported by X incorrect 2010-01-24
25897 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO DUPL xorg-server 1.7 causes drivers to compute incorrect DPI 2010-01-05
27660 xorg Lib/Xfon xorg-team RESO DUPL DPI settings are detected by driver and then ignored 2010-04-15
99369 xorg Driver/m xorg-team RESO DUPL Modesetting sets 96 DPI despite the dimensions being fit for 256 2017-01-12
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