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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
88702 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs UNCO --- The orca screen reader no longer announces information about bold, italic, and underline 2015-01-23
88761 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs UNCO --- the Orca screen reader has trouble reading the autocorrect dialog box 2015-01-24
88762 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs UNCO --- Orca incorrectly announces paragraph indentation when using the get attributes "orca+f" keyboard shortcut 2015-01-23
88763 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs UNCO --- The orca screen reader does not speak control names when navigating in the outline numbering dialog box 2017-10-23
88764 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs UNCO --- The orca screen reader does not consistantly speak control names when navigating in the paragraph dialog box 2015-01-23
70465 LibreOff UI libreoffice-bugs NEW --- [a11y] with Assistive Technology Tools enabled building "Expert Config" tool is slow and resource intensive 2014-09-19
71409 LibreOff Spreadsh libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Excessive duplicate accessible focused events for Calc input line [a11y] 2014-12-07
35110 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- A list box in writer document doesn't expose correct role to AT-SPI. 2013-08-07
35112 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- A section in writer document is not visible to AT-SPI. 2013-11-18
35129 LibreOff Spreadsh libreoffice-bugs NEW --- A spin button in spreadsheet doesn't expose ROLE_SPIN_BUTTON to AT-SPI. 2013-08-07
35652 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- ACC: AT-SPI accessible tree omits objects which are not visible on the screen. 2013-08-07
35654 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- [blocked] A writer document doesn't implement the Collection interface of AT-SPI. 2013-08-07
55695 LibreOff Libreoff libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Writer not generating window.activate when focus is returned. 2014-05-13
67866 LibreOff Printing libreoffice-bugs NEW --- ACCESSIBILITY: Missing language information in exported PDF 2014-11-05
69550 LibreOff UI libreoffice-bugs NEW --- [UX] [a11y] Style keyboard shortcuts are undiscoverable 2014-02-27
75191 LibreOff Libreoff libreoffice-bugs NEW --- ACCESSIBILITY: remove deprecated atk_role_register 2014-07-03
77679 LibreOff UI libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Accessibility support for replaced objects is incomplete 2015-01-11
81168 LibreOff ux-advis libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Remove placeholder names for accessible objects 2015-01-23
82998 LibreOff UI libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Missing and incorrect accessibility events from LibreOffice's Open dialog 2014-11-23
84102 LibreOff Libreoff libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Expose the level of headings to assistive technologies via object attribute 2014-12-15
86661 LibreOff UI libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Incorrect usage of ATK_ROLE_TEXT 2015-01-19
35107 LibreOff Writer jaragunde ASSI --- A hyperlink in writer document doesn't expose correct role and URL to AT-SPI. 2014-07-10
39944 LibreOff Libreoff jaragunde ASSI --- ACCESSIBILITY: Implement new ATK Roles 2014-07-07
71435 LibreOff Spreadsh jaragunde ASSI --- Accessible caret-moved events missing when editing cells if "freeze" is enabled [a11y] 2014-11-22
71556 LibreOff Writer jaragunde ASSI --- Accessible text-attributes-changed signals should only be emitted when the text attributes have changed [a11y] 2014-04-30
25 bugs found.


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