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<Urchlay> skynet draws attention to itself by trying to kill you... that's a bit more extreme than GNOME or KDE, even
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14 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1281 fontconf library fontconfig-bugs NEW --- Use a public identifier for fonts.conf 2012-03-20
23981 cairo freetype david NEW --- cairo doesn't respect TrueType gasp tables (and fonts look ugly as a result) 2011-06-25
28549 cairo freetype david NEW --- Gamma-corrected alpha blending for text output 2015-08-08
22268 DejaVu General dejavu-bugs NEW --- [RFE] Add Phœnician support 2009-06-13
22393 DejaVu General dejavu-bugs NEW --- Make the font naming WWS-clean 2009-06-21
13416 fontconf fc-cache fontconfig-bugs NEW --- Font subfamilies merged 2012-03-20
17311 fontconf library fontconfig-bugs NEW --- Add a FC_LOCALE_LANG element 2012-04-10
18723 fontconf library fontconfig-bugs NEW --- RFE: fontconfig-level locl patching 2012-03-20
18725 fontconf library fontconfig-bugs NEW --- RFE: allow merging of legacy font family names 2012-07-25
18727 fontconf library fontconfig-bugs NEW --- RFE: allow use of iso 15924 codes 2012-03-20
22338 fontconf library fontconfig-bugs NEW --- Make fc-query warn about non-WWS compliant fonts 2012-04-26
18928 PackageK General richard NEW --- RFE: add a gfx preview to font packages 2008-12-10
20120 PackageK General richard NEW --- Display font script coverage info in the UI 2009-02-14
18872 swfdec plugin swfdec ASSI --- Need a way to (auto)play invisible Flash files 2008-12-15
14 bugs found.


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