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It crashed. Maybe we need more ram
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43 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
108249 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs RESO FIXE [xwayland] Crash in Xpresent code on resume from suspend 2018-10-26
107757 Mesa GLX mesa-dev RESO FIXE [Regression] Xwayland/Present: Black window with "World of Warcraft" under Wine 2018-09-12
107314 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Crash on resuming laptop with screen connected 2018-09-05
107508 Mesa Mesa cor mesa-dev NEW --- Crash in st_renderbuffer_delete() 2018-09-05
107117 Mesa Drivers/ jason RESO FIXE mesa-18.1: regression with TFP on intel with modesettings and glamor acceleration 2018-08-20
107442 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Any GL application run with LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 will kill your Xserver 2018-08-06
107358 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Some X11 clients can grab mouse and keyboard which make impossible to work with another X11 clients 2018-07-27
107287 xorg Server/A xorg-team NEW --- [glamor] Texture from pixmap broken with glamor on xserver 1.20 2018-07-19
99400 Mesa Drivers/ nouveau NEW --- [nouveau] garbled rendering with glamor on G71 2017-12-31
103012 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs RESO FIXE Xwayland incorrectly converts simple cursors 2017-12-06
102475 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEED --- Can't use keyboard arrows in kvm with the keyboard grabbing change 2017-09-01
101894 xorg Server/A xorg-team NEW --- segfault in glamor_composite_clipped_region() (xorg-server-1.19.3, Fedora 26) 2017-07-26
89953 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs CLOS WORK GPU HANG: ecode 3:0:0x02feffc2, reason: Ring hung, action: reset 2017-07-24
90726 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs CLOS DUPL GPU HANG: ecode 3:0:0x765fffc1, reason: Ring hung, action: reset 2017-07-24
100053 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs RESO FIXE Xwayland: reproducible crash in 1.19.x 2017-07-07
94568 xorg Server/A xorg-team RESO FIXE glamor: wrong offset with ARGB 2017-06-06
99887 xorg Input/wa xorg-team RESO FIXE Random segfault in Xorg 1.19.x 2017-03-06
94727 Mesa Drivers/ nouveau NEW --- [NV30/NV40] nouveau/pushbuf.c:238: pushbuf_krel: Assertion `bkref` failed. 2017-02-28
97974 xorg Server/A xorg-team RESO FIXE Xwayland crash in glamor code path 2016-10-06
97065 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs RESO FIXE memory leak under Xwayland with old sdl1 applications 2016-08-15
96246 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO FIXE Xwayland crash with xorg-x11-server-Xwayland-1.18.3-4.fc25.x86_64 2016-07-07
33461 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- Allow extra mount options from udev rules 2016-06-25
95337 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs RESO FIXE XWayland crashes during startup if output data is received 2016-06-14
92316 Wayland weston wayland-bugs RESO FIXE weston segfault with broken client 2016-02-02
93045 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO FIXE Xwayland: memory corruption with multiple outputs 2015-12-01
90871 Mesa Drivers/ nouveau RESO NOTO NV30: Xfwm4 use_compositing - garbled display 2015-11-07
92076 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs RESO FIXE Cannot move mouse pointer over the top 1080px along the Y axis when display is rotated vertically 2015-10-05
92179 xorg Driver/i chris RESO FIXE man: Possible typo in ZaphodHeads description 2015-09-29
91858 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- Various rounding errors in miComputeEllipseSpans() with large radius 2015-09-03
91763 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO FIXE [bisected] Can't log into DE after `configurable maximum number of clients` 2015-09-02
89296 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs RESO FIXE libinput: Xserver crash with suspend/resume 2015-02-26
88507 xorg Security xorg_security RESO FIXE Strings length not checked in Xkb 2015-02-10
88143 freedesk New Acco sitewranglers RESO FIXE New account request 2015-02-01
70790 xorg Server/I peter.hutterer ASSI --- xbutton.subwindow field of the XEvent is always set to zero with emulated ButtonPress pointer events 2015-01-07
49911 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- panel height reported x100 for LPL on DELL XPS m1710 2012-05-14
40577 xorg Lib/Xt xorg-team RESO FIXE Missing bound checking in FreeSelectionProperty() from Selection.c 2011-10-03
24703 xorg Server/A xorg-team RESO FIXE EXA crashes with "exaGetPixmapFirstPixel called for invalid bpp" 2010-12-22
28691 xorg App/xfs xorg-team RESO FIXE Fix segfaults in xfs 2010-06-27
23178 xorg Driver/i yakui.zhao RESO FIXE Black screen out of sync when changing resolution on Q43/Q45 with VGA monitor 2009-10-12
17756 xorg Driver/i jbarnes RESO FIXE [PATCH]Blank screen using "intel" xorg driver with i845G when switching resolution 2008-11-26
8558 xorg Server/G xorg-team RESO WORK Window with no background contains random data with composite 2006-10-09
1656 xorg Server/G keithp RESO FIXE Resizing covered windows leaves unrefreshed areas 2005-01-14
1655 xorg Server/G keithp RESO FIXE Resizing a damaged window offscreen doesn't update its content. 2005-01-14
43 bugs found.


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