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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
76328 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Very bad static following audio input. 2014-03-30
92624 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- every time i log into my computer the sound volume is back at 100%!!! 2016-01-08
44777 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-rtp-send floods the network with UDP packets, crippling it severely Wed 13:00
48306 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Sqeaking / squealing sound comming from speakers 2013-02-22
51372 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio can't play music on IHome iW1 speaker (airplay) and crashes 2013-07-01
54881 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Assertion '!s->thread_info.rewind_requested' failed at pulsecore/sink.c:1271, function pa_sink_render_into_full(). Aborting. 2015-04-25
58746 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- bluetooth audio out of sync when connection temporarily drops 2016-02-14
65474 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- unaligned memory access issue 2014-11-17
84230 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulse audio flooding network when rtp sink is enabled 2014-11-15
95150 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Multiple PulseAudio instances on Ubuntu 15.10 Fri 08:41
42353 PulseAud core mkbosmans NEW --- Mistreats headphone port with dysfunctional ALSA Master volume on ICH7 2015-09-20
39360 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Stereo/surround detection 2014-02-15
39403 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- The D-Bus interface's sample playing methods have a bad volume API 2011-07-20
39405 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Virtual sink and source flags are not updated when moving them to different master device 2012-03-14
39459 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Draining playback stream never completes 2012-02-09
39556 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Feature request: "stream volume modifiers" 2012-05-24
39704 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Addition of multiple default sound device groupings 2011-08-01
39723 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- The volume limit functionality in alsa-mixer incorrectly assumes non-negative values 2012-02-08
39797 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-cork-music-on-phone unable to send CORK event to pulsesink for PA_STREAM_START_CORKED streams 2011-08-23
40125 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Using the ALSA plug-in client, the end of short sounds are cut-off. 2011-10-23
40160 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Display linked with audio output 2011-08-17
40477 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Mic Not working 2011-08-30
40869 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-tunnel sinks disappear on multihomed machine when one of the interfaces is disconnected 2011-09-14
40992 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pasuspender should allow to only suspend a subset of sinks and sources 2011-09-18
41082 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Error during compiling pulseaudio 2015-10-26
41465 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- audio video out of sync when equalizer-sink used 2011-10-04
41537 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Fix to make esdcompat more portable 2011-10-10
41754 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- conf_pulse_hook_load_if_running allocates shm at a dangerous time 2011-10-13
41859 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- translation problem 2015-09-30
42111 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- RAOP Module disconnects 2012-07-16
42137 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Edirol/Roland M-16DX not detected properly 2012-03-22
42445 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Report events about volume change 2011-11-01
42478 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-suspend-on-idle kills HDMI output 2012-08-09
42643 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Capture device handling on Acer Aspire One 531h 2011-11-09
42804 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- raop module does not work with shairport 2014-10-12
42832 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Output tab don't fit correctly with multi-soundcard 2011-11-11
42876 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio wants HDMI - HDMI not connected 2012-10-13
42916 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pa_simple_new(): default buffering attributes 2013-06-05
43435 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [cleanup] Make alsa path names always match the config file names 2011-12-01
43436 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- The "paths_dir" handling of module-alsa-card is broken. 2011-12-01
43734 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- qpaeq has no presets 2014-03-27
44532 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pa_database_next() is inefficient for the "simple" pa_database implementation 2012-01-06
44776 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Publish manual pages on the web site 2013-06-05
44793 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Unique names for ports 2013-06-03
44806 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Local PulseAudio->remove PulseAudio tunneling does not work as well as PULSE_SERVER 2012-03-13
44819 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio crashes Flash Player in all browsers ( pa_threaded_mainloop_lock() ) 2012-03-13
45040 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- bluetooth: When bluetoothd closes the stream, it's not handled properly in the SCO over PCM mode 2012-01-21
45044 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pa_mainloop should report POLLNVAL when that occurs with IO events 2012-01-21
45228 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- RAOP: Can't connect to my dock/receiver with AirPlay 2013-12-04
45241 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- rtkit demotes pulseaudio threads on suspend/resume cycle 2015-12-27
45331 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Volume control with the lfe-on-mono path doesn't work as intended 2012-01-28
45373 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [alsa-sink] memblockq.c: Assertion '!bq->blocks || (bq->write_index + (int64_t)chunk.length <= bq->blocks->index)' failed at pulsecore/memblockq.c:408, function pa_memblockq_push(). Aborting. 2012-05-12
45523 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- IPv6/IPv4 sink/source name conflict race condition with module-zeroconf-discover 2014-01-18
45643 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- padsp wrapper is racy at startup 2012-04-02
45858 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-zeroconf-discover gets highly confused when two network interfaces are in the same network segment 2012-02-09
46236 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 USB Audio Headset DB issue with Volume Scale 2014-03-14
46296 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Sometimes the PA server needs a restart. 2012-11-01
46297 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Need to limit PA's internal buffering/latency. How? 2013-06-05
46350 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Unable to recovery from massive underrun flood 2013-03-28
46412 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Need to obtain PA's sample rate 2013-06-05
46466 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio needs a way for the user to set inviolable maximum volume 2014-08-26
46741 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- no sounds cards, FC16, box has no BlueTooth devices 2012-03-13
46989 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Add support for the dmalloc memory checking tool. 2012-03-05
47387 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Programmable dead time when starting playback on spdif or hdmi 2015-03-11
47390 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-null-sink keeps low latency when not needed 2012-03-15
47861 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Add galician translations to repository 2014-03-18
48284 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Underlying h/w volumes are still adjusted due to flat volume logic even when the stream is muted. 2013-02-21
48307 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Volume changes can be delayed a lot 2014-06-04
48401 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- memblock.c: Assertion 'pa_atomic_load(&(b)->_ref) > 0' failed at pulsecore/memblock.c:493, function pa_memblock_ref(). Aborting. 2012-09-03
48728 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- starts systemwide and sessionwide Pulseaudio daemons in system wide mode 2012-04-15
48730 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio does not set volume on left channel correctly with Sonica Theater USB sound card 2012-04-15
48779 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- padsp makes VLC media player (actually freopen()) crash 2014-04-25
48879 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pa_stream_flush() does not reset record stream's readable size 2012-04-18
48928 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pavucontrol 1.0 segfault on start, related to the pulsecore/pdispatch.c? 2012-04-19
49058 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Offer profiles to split 4-channel in-/outputs into two stereo channels 2012-04-22
49132 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- echo-cancel: sink_memblockq is accessed from multiple threads 2012-04-25
49311 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- No sound from mic through pulseaudio, however recording with alsa works fine 2012-12-16
49346 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- alsa: Cache profile probing results 2012-05-01
49608 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- periodic audio skips with Intel HDA 2015-08-04
49681 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- crashes if auth-anonymous=1 is used with module-native-protocol-tcp 2014-10-25
49714 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- The ffmpeg resampler implementation could be improved 2013-06-05
49932 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [patch] typos in the 2.0 manual pages 2015-09-29
49974 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Bluetooth headset pairs but doesn't create audio device 2016-02-20
50056 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Feedback popping sound when volume sliders are moved 2014-06-15
50113 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Adjusting volume of paused stream causes audible crackling in another 2014-06-15
50140 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pasuspender does not handle Ctrl-C nicely 2012-05-20
50219 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- No playback 2012-06-03
50266 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio SunAudio plugin fixes 2012-05-23
50268 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio fix for sparc architecture 2012-05-23
50510 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Without tsched=0 for module-udev-detect, sound is distorted 2015-10-15
50523 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- System Sounds movable to a different Sink 2012-05-30
50977 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Using applications with sudo is more cumbersome than necessary. 2012-06-11
51060 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Crash (segfault) in snd_pcm_area_silence() 2013-10-20
51230 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- GNOME alert sounds cause discontinuities in music, but only the first time per track. 2012-07-02
51413 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pa_ext_stream_restore_write() should have a mask 2012-06-25
51562 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Support multiple devices in plugins 2012-06-29
51570 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Poor volume control with some USB audio controllers 2012-06-29
51719 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pa_sink_input_new() assumes that data->sample_spec is valid. 2012-07-04
51939 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- there's no way to 'pacmd suspend false' the server, and check if it was successful 2014-05-07
52281 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Keeping headphone volume to 100% results in clipping speaker sound 2012-07-19
52334 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- rtp: The SDP parsing code assumes wrong line terminator 2013-09-29
52364 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio 2.1 Sound via bluetooth stops after ~15min 2013-11-30
52415 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Volume on HRT HeadStreamer is either 0% or 100% 2013-07-01
52483 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio requires access to files for which it has no permission 2012-09-08
53021 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- unrecognized tv tuner card causes distorted sound 2012-10-09
53068 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- alternate sample rate doesn't work for simultaneous playback/capture on SoC I2S 2012-08-02
53206 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Channels are swapped when mixing two stereo streams 2012-08-07
53709 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Filter sinks (and sources?) have too small max_rewind 2012-08-19
53892 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Distorted sound with time-based scheduling (tsched=1 for module-udev-detect) 2013-09-25
53908 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- alsa-sink doesn't take tsched_watermark into account when rewinding 2012-08-22
53911 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- resampler leftover buffer is not taken into account when rewinding 2012-08-22
53915 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Filter sinks call pa_sink_process_rewind() needlessly. 2012-08-22
54006 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [cleanup] When lowering sink latency, the core could request a rewind 2012-08-24
54007 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- The alsa sink does larger rewind than needed when the configured sink latency changes 2012-08-25
54182 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Rewinding when moving streams isn't done in an optimal way 2012-08-29
54185 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Filter sinks (and sources?) handle rewind requests of 0 bytes wrong 2012-08-29
54243 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [cleanup] When creating a new sink input, the core could request a rewind 2012-08-30
54244 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [cleanup] combine-sink: Inconsistent way of rewinding when creating a new sink input 2012-08-30
54245 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Filter sinks (and sources?) that have an internal buffer propagate rewind requests wrong 2012-08-30
54251 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- protocol-esound, protocol-simple: Rewind after underrun can be too large 2012-08-30
54252 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [cleanup] sync_input_volumes_within_thread() has unnecessary code duplication 2012-08-30
54645 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Disabled programs should disabled the man pages as well 2012-09-07
54658 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- No rule to make target `daemon/pulseaudio.desktop' 2014-05-30
54850 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Provide a user-friendly way to use module-loopback 2013-03-28
55152 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Apple CoreService Framework configure check uses hard-coded SDK path Tue 14:07
55180 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- daemon shouldn't depend on libpulse 2015-07-02
55401 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Dre Beats cause major hang ups 2012-12-05
55438 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- channels aren't separated after switching between speakers and headphone (sometimes) 2014-12-04
55654 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- The skip-probe feature in alsa profile-set configuration files is broken 2012-10-05
55733 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio from git (f0432ce6aedca5956f6086824120bb03559e6534) fails to build on OS X 2013-08-05
55815 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pavucontrol-1.0: Error writing config file %s/home/ohnobinki/.config/pavucontrol.ini: Bad state 2012-10-09
55866 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-echo-cancel: AGC is applied even when streams are muted 2012-10-11
55878 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- raop detects Apple TV but gets "RTSP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error" 2012-10-11
56084 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PA_CHANNEL_MAP_DEFAULT is nearly useless 2012-10-17
56577 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- playback of an audio file in mplayer2 with ao=pulse does not finish 2012-10-30
56686 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Allow user to manipulatio graph 2012-11-08
56893 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Distortion when kaffeine is playing 2012-11-22
56993 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Implement opus audio compression 2016-04-08
57167 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-bluetooth-device unsuspends sinks and sources unreliably 2012-11-15
57228 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Allow volume for apps that make sounds for brief time periods 2016-04-16
57355 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Bad default setting in daemon.conf causes volume level to jump to 100% 2012-11-21
57522 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pavucontrol causing heavy Xorg load when running for a long time 2012-11-26
57743 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Port from GConf to Gsettings 2015-01-22
57928 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Crackling and popping with snd-usb-audio 2012-12-05
58389 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Improve the "set log target" functionality 2013-04-21
58394 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- The "rate" and "channels" arguments of module-bluetooth-device do nothing 2012-12-17
58885 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [cleanup] pa_bluetooth_device.device_info_valid is a bit broken 2012-12-30
58918 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Crackling and static with NVIDIA MCP61 2013-01-03
58930 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- X11 bell event dropped in Xfce and other non-Gnome desktops 2014-11-15
59077 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- max_latency assertion failed in pa_sink_set_latency_range_within_thread 2013-12-15
59115 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio[19858]: [alsa-sink] memblock.c: Assertion 'pa_atomic_load(&(b)->_ref) > 0' failed at pulsecore/memblock.c:590, function pa_memblock_unref(). Aborting. 2013-01-08
59267 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- network playback choppy for some clients when streaming via mDNS tunnel 2013-03-28
59707 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio fails to start on FreeBSD: Daemon startup failed. 2013-01-22
59948 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Add proper suspend support to the jack modules 2013-01-28
60146 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Replace dummy modules with a list of deprecated module aliases in the module loading code 2013-02-01
60194 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pavucontrol - remember configuration ("Lock channels together" option status) 2013-02-02
60405 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Review the usage of pa_memblockq_push() 2013-02-07
60623 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- No audio with A2DP playback to Rocketfish headphones 2013-02-18
61599 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Documentation for the format negotiation system 2013-02-28
61880 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- It's possible to create audio loops with module-loopback 2014-08-03
62588 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- It should be possible to enable remixing only between mono and non-mono 14:21:39
62604 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Crackling with snd-hda-intel / VIA VT2020 in VLC, Google Voice 2013-03-21
62636 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- SAP announcements contain wrong information 2013-03-22
62783 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Signal from 3.5jack is not possible set by pavucontrol 2013-04-09
62918 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- webrtc-audio-processing: analog_agc.c:1651:24: warning: iteration 10u invokes undefined behavior 2013-04-01
62986 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- src/pulsecore/sconv_neon.c doesn't build on Mac and is obsolete? 2013-04-09
63244 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- A2DP loopback audio distorted on surround sound setup 2013-04-08
63757 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- incorrect terminating newline in pacmd 2013-04-20
63773 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- RAOP is stuck in the SETUP phase on iHome iW2 2013-04-21
64017 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- lag between analog and digital outputs using module-combine-sink 17:38:03
64158 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Sound Card Mis-Identified 2013-05-02
64563 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pavucontrol is leaking memory 2014-04-30
64643 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [alsa] Need to ensure same clock is used for smoother put and get 2013-05-15
64752 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- microphone does not work Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 2013-06-12
65289 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio stays running after session has ended 2013-06-03
65314 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- raop module stutters a bit, very heavily on FLAC 2013-06-04
65335 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- System is not unmuted when earphones are plugged in 2013-06-04
65406 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [module-rtp-recv] No sound when 2 different sources send data to the same multicast address 2013-06-05
65520 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- frequent crash in pa_alsa_path_set_volume 2013-07-01
65868 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Unplugging and replugging a USB microphone device does not restore the settings / sound levels 2013-11-01
66131 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio-module-jack crash with kernel-rt 2013-07-06
66350 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pavucontrol's volume levels disagree with pavumeter 2016-04-18
66351 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Port pavumeter to GTK3 2014-05-25
66426 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Recording a monitor when nothing is playing results in 2 seconds of extra silence 2013-07-01
66492 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Make the UI handle translations 2014-05-25
66857 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-tunnel's latency handling needs to be improved 2013-07-13
66884 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pa_stream_get_latency return value steadily increases when playing over network 2014-01-19
67020 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio bugs reported to trac are no longer accessible? 2013-07-18
67175 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pavucontrol shows activity in sink volume meter after stopping playback 2013-08-28
67472 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Refuses to --start due to "User configured server" 2013-07-31
67545 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Daemon prints unnecessary warnings about failing to open the cookie file 2015-01-27
67644 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio deals suboptimally with kernel issue with logitech usb webcam 2013-08-01
67781 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- heavily distorted sound when using module-loopback with module-tunnel-sink 2013-08-05
67795 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- use libkern/OSAtomic.h on OS X 2013-08-05
67941 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- playback stops and hangs alsa-based application when switching from a network sink to an internal sink 2013-08-09
68107 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- A glitch due to another stream starting to play when recording from a single sink input 2013-11-23
68109 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio OSS module surround channels volume locked 2013-08-14
69132 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- The native protocol reports too low latencies for streams connected to monitor sources 2013-09-09
69229 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Equalizer crashes when not using ALSA's hw plugin 2013-12-17
69232 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- default-sink is not respected after coming back from suspension 2013-09-11
69429 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Remote sound card not visible locally 2013-09-20
69871 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-dbus-protocol is still crashy 2013-09-27
70419 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- No analog speaker output with recent git versions of pulseaudio on ALC898 codec 2014-01-13
70865 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- analog-output-speaker not working anymore when headphone is plugged 2013-11-15
71025 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Volume controll bug if balans adjust 2013-11-07
71078 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio will continue using high cpu after hibernate 2014-12-21
71204 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- ALSA playback hangs when period size is greater than 30ms and tsched=1 2013-12-04
71215 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-echo-cancel moves volume sliders in pavucontrol automatically 2013-11-04
71649 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio won't run when home directory is mounted with CIFS 2015-05-12
71766 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Choppy sound on ALC898 2013-12-20
71823 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- ucm: Unsafe assertion (configuration error crashes pulseaudio) 2013-11-20
71924 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Unnecessary copying in pa_sink_get_formats() 2013-11-22
72173 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Please make it possible to build pulseaudio libs without the daemon 2014-12-15
72265 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- High-level documentation missing for creating streams with pa_stream_new_extended() 2014-10-23
72396 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- alsa: Rewind safeguard should be adjusted for BATCH PCMs 2014-06-20
72523 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Refactoring idea: change sink and source ownership from the card back end implementation to pa_card 2013-12-09
72683 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- crackling noise when recording (hda_intel, alc663) 2013-12-13
72862 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- MacBook can't connect to pulseaudio via bluetooth 2013-12-19
73112 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PA should not expose /org/pulseaudio/server_lookup1 object if DBus module is unloaded 2013-12-29
73336 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Clipping of line-in volume on Analog Devices codes due to an incorrect max_dB determination 2014-01-08
73426 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [TRACKER] Finish the reimplementation of the tunnel modules 2016-01-21
73427 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Implement the "auto" option in module-tunnel-sink/source-new 2014-01-09
73428 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Add volume support to module-tunnel-sink/source-new 2014-01-09
73429 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Implement pa_mainloop_api around pa_rtpoll 2015-01-02
73945 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio makes loud buzzing with skype notificaitons 2014-03-25
74144 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-bluetooth - bluetooth-util.c: Method "GetProperties" with signature "" on interface "org.bluez.HandsfreeGateway" doesn't exist 2014-04-27
74260 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- documentation: Useful overview of pa_mainloop_api is missing 2014-01-31
74624 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pa_stream_disconnect() is broken 2014-02-06
75082 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio-4.99.4: lock-autospawn-test failed 2014-02-17
75418 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Cookie not created & PA may not start when XDG_CONFIG_HOME is set on Windows 2014-02-25
75470 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- CoreAudio Device latency configuration 2014-03-07
75643 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Please make pavucontrol have a default device option like gnome-volume-control 2016-04-16
75954 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- FIX_RATE and AUTO_TIMING_UPDATE don't work properly together 2014-07-23
76064 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- sticky output device 2014-03-12
76672 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio not recognize active session correctly under some circumstance 2014-04-11
77040 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- No systemd service file for headless systems 2014-04-25
77499 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- One should be able to modify the volume when audio is mute 2015-08-27
77686 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Volume gets unbearably loud when second sound source is played sometimes 2014-04-20
77895 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- esound compat module leaves empty directory on exit when per user sockets are used 2014-04-25
77925 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- vlc player instances interchange volume and mute settings 2014-04-26
77948 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- padsp: dlsym lookup on demand can lead to deadlocks 2014-04-25
78701 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Implement systemd socket activation in pulseaudio 2014-10-19
78879 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Decode matrix-encoded surround to discrete channel upmix 2016-01-16
79280 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- loading alsa-sinks including ladspa-filters fails 2014-06-01
79807 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Stuttering while recording a monitor 2014-07-30
79911 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- incoherent muting of ALSA channels (mutes master, headphone and speaker, but unmutes only master, when adjusting in alsamixer or equivalent) 2015-03-26
79991 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Glitching when adjusting volume 2015-11-15
80710 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio 5.0 uses 100% CPU time after system resumes from hibernation. 2014-12-21
80712 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- USB Headset not set up correctly after resume 14:34:53
80770 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-loopback ignores latency_msec option 2015-11-02
80772 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Windows XP: PulseAudio consumes too much CPU when launched with high priority 2014-07-02
81075 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pa_simple_get_latency() reports latency inaccurately 2014-07-13
81269 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Add pacmd/pactl command to set volumes by role 2014-07-12
81288 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- High cpu useage when running Skype 2014-07-13
81587 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [530U3C/530U4C, Realtek ALC269VC, Speaker, Internal] No sound at all 2014-07-21
81777 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Can't change optical-out volume on Terratec Aureon DualUSB 2015-04-18
81802 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Synchronous name service queries are done from the main thread -> potential long delays 2014-07-27
81824 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- audio from qemu guest suffers delay / pitch changes as of 5.x 2014-07-31
82166 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio 5.0 causes mplayer to freeze when pausing or seeking 2014-08-06
82289 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- rename card channels 2014-08-09
83146 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pavucontrol occasionally resizes itself horizontally 2015-03-13
83280 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Double-starting daemon with --start -v issues non-useful report 2015-02-03
83298 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PA daemon "should" issue warning if XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set 2014-08-31
83591 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Server crashes if a client tells it to update stream rate when the stream doesn't support that 2015-02-04
83657 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Minimal syntax checking is done on server specs provided via --server or $PULSE_SERVER 2014-11-15
83869 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Wrong pulse audio source selection during handsfree call 2014-09-15
84024 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Doc for server strings differs between pulseaudio.1 and Wiki 2014-11-15
84334 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Unplugging headphone does not correctly fallback to external speakers 2014-12-12
84369 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Channel volume sliders are misaligned with some languages 2015-03-25
84544 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Gibberish sound output and input on Bluetooth headset 2014-10-02
84585 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Issue of CPU usage with HiFiBerry driver snd_soc_hifiberry_amp with Debian Wheezy kernel 3.12.28 2014-10-27
84667 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- sound is choppy and high-pitched after suspend+resume 2014-10-06
84669 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Spurious creation of runtime directory by pa_context_connect() 2015-02-25
84878 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- protocol-native: I get endless underruns when I playback when alsa buffer size is small 2015-02-08
84905 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- automatic output source select is not working properly 2014-10-12
84921 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- install unfit for completion autoloading 2014-10-28
84983 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [AV200 - Oxygen HD Audio - Asus Xonar D1] analog output device is not listed in audio settings 2015-10-22
85319 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio fails to build on musl libc 2015-04-14
85446 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- No analog speaker output since 5.0 release on ALC898 codec 2014-11-06
85483 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Please make debugging easier 2014-10-26
85488 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-rescue-streams chooses the target sink badly 2015-04-11
85987 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- X bell is not re-enabled after pulseaudio exits / x11-beel is unloaded (XkbSetAutoResetControls) 2014-11-07
86032 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- "Headphone" audio output missing on Lenovo T440s after upgrade to commit aec811 2014-11-14
86073 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- A potential bug in the snd-hda-intel driver (as reported in the syslog) 2014-11-10
86084 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- --disable-nls and --disable-lynx are ignored 2015-01-27
86158 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Analog Output blinks or resets with pop or stutter 2014-12-08
86262 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- severe underruns with usb audio, works with pa 3.0 - buffer setup seems wrong 2015-10-28
86317 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Server specification string ambiguity w.r.t. AF_UNIX socket paths containing whitespace 2014-11-15
86581 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- "parecord --fix-rate" doesn't take the assigned rate into account when writing a wav file 2015-03-11
86676 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Audio skips and repeats when increasing volume in applications 2015-01-14
86819 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- systemd-activated PA is missing features until DBus user bus is available 2014-11-28
87002 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Headphones selected on first run while unplugged and other ports are available 2015-03-21
87395 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- tsched disabled when I use module-alsa-sink with 'mmap=0 tsched=1' parameters. 2014-12-23
87566 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pavucontrol 2.0 using 100% CPU after machine suspend 2014-12-23
87656 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- native-instruments-traktor-audio10.conf is not correct 2015-01-14
87713 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- "Transistor" game makes every client playing at double speed 2015-01-10
87849 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio cannot be built on uclibc-based systems 2014-12-30
87980 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Native handsfree backend (backend-native.c) cannot emulate HSP/HFP device, but ofono backend can 2015-01-15
88265 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Incorrect volume in sound indicator 2015-01-11
88266 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Single channel audio is really loud 2015-01-13
88503 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- ALSA application gets no timestamp information when using pulse plugin 2015-09-24
88823 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- TV audio output device not remembered 2015-02-01
88827 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- a2dp skips terribly 2015-12-31
88830 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Add object name parsing to pa_config_parser 2015-01-27
88832 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Add pa_config_parser_log_error() 2015-01-27
88895 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module to stream audio to Google Chromecast 2015-07-28
88940 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [OS X] pulseaudio -D crashes (v 5.0) 2015-02-03
88941 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [OS X] (USB) sink/source names are meaningless and vary across pulseaudio restarts 2015-02-03
88949 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-switch-on-connect not found 2015-02-25
88953 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Don't stop parsing configuration files when errors are detected 2015-02-03
88954 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Drop unnecessary use of PA_SOEXT 2015-02-03
88955 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Validate the number of received info structs in introspect.c 2015-02-03
88956 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Not all variables in the Zsh completion are marked as local that should be 2015-02-03
88969 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Improve shell completions for pactl play-sample and remove-sample 2015-02-04
88970 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- NameOwnerChanged handlers shouldn't assume that the bus is behaving correctly 2015-02-04
89093 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio crashed with SIGABRT in transport_speaker_gain_changed_cb() 2015-02-11
89135 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Build of v5.99.3 is broken since v6.0 was tagged due to unexpected git-version-gen output 2015-02-13
89158 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- When testing a Skype installation (using Skype's Test Call), there is no pavucontrol facility to specify "Use webcam microphone". (default is 'builtin mic') 2015-02-17
89159 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Audascious mono mp3 + youtube = 1000% volume 2015-02-16
89213 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- configure --enable-udev --disable-oss-output --disable-alsa outputs bogus '*** UDEV support not found' 2015-02-21
89237 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Removing mic Breaks Stereo Output 2015-02-22
89310 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- The configure summary contains unexpanded paths 2015-02-25
89412 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio cross compilation for Mac OS X fails due to problems with 2015-03-03
89515 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- undefined reference to `PA_CLAMP_UNLIKELY' 2015-05-20
89537 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Make the pa_parse_address() interface less error prone 2015-03-11
89538 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pa_alsa_sink_new() and pa_alsa_source_new() are excessively long 2015-03-11
89541 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pacat should set the sample spec channels according to the given channel map 2015-03-19
89542 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pacat should support percentage and decibel volumes in the --volume argument 2015-03-11
89543 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pactl doesn't support setting absolute volume in decibels 2015-03-17
89545 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- There should be a warning if UCM references non-existent jack control 2015-03-11
89665 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Configure syntax errors 2015-03-19
89796 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Popping sound on Volume change when more than one stream is active 2015-03-31
89883 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Client freezes intermittently playing over network 2015-09-27
89934 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Does not switch to USB headset anymore 2016-01-14
89994 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- HSP pa 6.0, bluez 5.30 HSP conn results in 'backend-native.c: connect(): Function not implemented' 2015-04-14
90027 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Switching from A2DP to HSP produces noise 2015-04-15
90129 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- ID_ID in udev is about to change 2015-04-23
90361 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Mac Pro no sound from headphone port 2015-05-11
90391 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio doesn't detect devices after relogin 2015-05-10
90490 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-bluetooth-discover works only if started after the X11 session is up 2015-09-20
90496 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Feature request: add Auto-mute tumbler 2015-09-13
90678 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-udev-detect should skip midi-only devices 2015-05-30
90786 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Memory leak when running multiple X instances 2015-06-01
90792 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Automatic profile switching 2015-05-31
90805 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- NO HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 4000 series] Sound 2015-06-03
90880 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- builds can fail due to non-portable glibc-specific internal macro usage 2015-07-28
90959 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Missing device detection with module-udev-detect with multiple server 2015-08-16
90972 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- No sound when plugging in headphones, must unmute and raise Speker+LO to get sound 2015-08-27
91159 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- expose application properties in module-tunnel 2015-07-03
91211 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- allow automatic server connection in the new tunnel modules 2015-07-03
91215 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio must contain priority queue or at least prior device. 2015-07-26
91224 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio TCP-streaming (via. zeroconf) blocks video-playback sometimes 2015-07-04
91245 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- No sound from speakers after disconnecting headphones 14:42:00
91257 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- add more debug logging about buffers in tunnel-sink-new 2015-07-07
91258 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- allow tunnel-new streams to be moved 2015-07-07
91280 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- volume control in new tunnel modules 2015-09-16
91341 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [pulseaudio] core.c: Assertion 'pa_hashmap_isempty(c->modules_pending_unload)' failed at pulsecore/core.c:207, function core_free(). Aborting. 2015-07-14
91359 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [bluetooth] wrong SBC configuration on big endian platforms 2015-07-16
91370 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- better latency handling in the new tunnel modules 2015-07-17
91423 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-mmkbd-evdev/module-lirc: unit/range of volume_limit/volume_step not documented 2015-07-23
91424 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- New module: AES67 2015-07-22
91470 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Add keyword to disable channels in profile mappings of multi-channel devices 2015-07-26
91471 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio enables Surround 4.0, while chmap reports no RL and RR 2015-08-09
91502 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Audio unstable using HFP profileon IMX6 2015-07-29
91568 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [N56VZ, Realtek ALC663, Black Headphone Out, Right] No sound from Subwoofer in 2.1 mode 2015-11-10
91606 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Native protocol usage results in "Client sent non-aligned memblock" messages from server 2015-08-11
91649 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- RFE: Add possibility to automatically switch cards on jack detection 2015-08-17
91674 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Program terminated with signal SIGABRT, Aborted. 2015-08-18
91713 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Seems that documentation for read/write callbacks is lacking. 2015-08-21
91807 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Sinks suspended when jack sink loaded without a server 2015-08-30
91956 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- tunnel sink new crashes in conjuction with combine 2016-01-31
91995 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pavucontrol does not detect plugged-in analog audio 2015-09-14
92031 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- flat volumes causes sound crackling if applications volume is not at same level of master volume 2015-09-22
92102 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- cannot select a2dp profile Wed 02:29
92107 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio crashed with SIGSEGV in set_profile_cb() 2015-09-25
92110 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Review/merge RAOP2 support 2015-12-27
92139 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- No translated strings 2015-09-29
92142 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio v7 doesn't load locales 2015-09-29
92148 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio jack modules drop samples on low fragment sizes 2015-09-30
92207 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Disabling flat volumes triggered master volume level to reach 100% while trying to decrease/increase it 2015-10-02
92267 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Feature to disable devices 2015-10-03
92376 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio causes any audio playing in Iceweasel to be maxed out always 2015-10-10
92490 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Untranslated string for slovak language 2015-10-16
92493 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- gnome-shell: connecting to a phone through bluetooth shows microphone slider 2015-10-16
92614 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [RealTek][ALC3226] Audio popping sound on bootup when gdm/kdm launches Thu 14:34
92635 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- API no longer delivers a value over 100% for volume level 2015-10-27
92672 PulseAud build-sy pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Compiling pulse audio 7.0 2015-10-26
92679 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio shows Line Out (unplugged) when headphones are plugged in. 2015-10-28
92684 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [PATCH] implement --drop-privileges flag 2016-02-26
92717 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- deferred volume burst sink volume and mess up balance 2015-10-29
92753 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Audinst HUD-mx2 autodetected incorrectly 2015-12-24
92802 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Source tree includes AGPL code (qpaeq) without disclosing it at the top level 2015-11-04
92928 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- equalizer module sets volume to match youtube video volume (100%) when use_volume_sharing is on (default) 2015-11-12
92973 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio not recognizing device 1 of multi-device USB soundcard 2015-11-17
93006 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- headphone output is not preferred over HDMI 2015-11-19
93010 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- paplay starts playing stereo files with too high volume 2015-11-19
93047 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Confusing name for mic from headset plugged in laptop jack 2015-11-20
93108 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Starting pavucontrol creates sound drop-out [related to C270/C910 Logitech webcam] 2015-12-03
93153 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- headphone jacks not working dell xps m1210 2015-12-06
93163 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Focusrite Scarlett and Behringer XR18 forced to Multichannel 2016-02-29
93193 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio fails to adjust volume for USB sound stick but ALSA works 2015-12-14
93224 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Volume control not working with Asus Xonar DS and PulseAudio 7 2015-12-03
93259 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- unplugging headphones sets volume to 0 2016-04-20
93285 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- no fallback when SRB channel fails 2015-12-10
93391 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PULSE_PROP_OVERRIDE can't be used to override stream properties 2015-12-15
93443 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [abrt] pulseaudio: pa_sink_input_set_requested_latency_within_thread(): pulseaudio killed by SIGSEGV 2016-04-25
93515 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Native TCP Audio garbled when daemon runs as root on Raspberry Pi. Works as non root (Pulse 7.1) 2015-12-27
93637 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio core dumped when switch to profile output:iec958-ac3-surround-51 (alsa a52 plugin) 2016-01-11
93651 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio has long startup time when nvidia hdmi/dp sound is enabled 2016-01-11
93657 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Hotplugged USB audio device has no sinks or sources 2016-01-10
93689 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Third party can change volume 2016-01-13
93690 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-echo-cancel: there is no need for a sink when echo cancellation is disabled 2016-01-13
93823 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- [TRACKER] PulseAudio 9.0 release 2016-04-25
93855 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Module restore restores volume and mute settings from wrong sink input 2016-01-28
93898 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Refused to switch profile to headset_head_unit when trying to use bluetooth headset microphone 2016-04-20
93946 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Changing device profile to HDMI is reset to default after monitor goes into powersave Sat 11:01
93958 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- qpaeq Can't change channel 2016-02-01
94056 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio fails to detect bluetooth speakers 2016-02-09
94061 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Volume set below -27 db (35 per centage) makes Creative HS-720 absolutely silent 2016-02-12
94296 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pavucontrol Lithuanian translation (i18n) 2016-02-25
94316 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Program terminated with signal ,SIGBUS Aborted. 2016-03-04
94413 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- No way to setup profile auto-switching on headphone connect 2016-03-06
94466 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Transients with A2DP audio streams 2016-03-10
94563 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Option to minimally upmix or remap "mono" channel only (for speaker configurations greater than 2.x) 2016-04-10
94629 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio gets reliably killed upon a big number of client connections 2016-03-21
94633 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-mmkbd-evdev doesn't work with uinput 2016-03-20
94648 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Pulseaudio does not rememebr volume level of headphone when connected via docking station 2016-03-25
94666 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- device reservation fails when a device string has seperator(,) 2016-03-22
94716 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Front panel audio not re-connected on startup if surround-sink is default 2016-03-28
94740 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module zeroconf-discover doesn't detect all sinks on the remote / fails to construct the name for remote sink 2016-04-16
94763 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- ALSA module: tsched=0 causes skipping on nVidia HDMI output under QEMU-KVM 2016-03-31
94781 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Plural forms 2016-04-01
94800 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Automatically switch to HDMI profile when cable plugged in 2016-04-03
94828 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Request: adjustable update rate for VU meters in pavucontrol 2016-04-05
94958 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- BlueZ5 module fails to clean out card after headset disconnects 2016-04-16
94968 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Integrate paprefs into pavucontrol? 2016-04-18
94975 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Add a button (or editable name widget) to make device sink/source renaming easier to discover 2016-04-23
94976 PulseAud pavucont pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Consider a vertical tabs notebook layout for Pavucontrol 2016-04-19
95021 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- LFE channel not synthesized properly Fri 16:49
95055 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- pulseaudio blocked in kernel Sat 18:04
95104 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- KDE specific rule in start-pulseaudio-x11 should go 2016-04-25
95135 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio pre-v9.0 induce Totem failure Wed 13:16
95202 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- module-device-manager reroutes streams too eagerly Fri 10:17
45817 PulseAud modules tanuk NEW --- The dbus protocol should use hooks instead of the subscription system 2015-01-27
57503 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- Playing audio with smart resampling 2016-03-16
67524 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- When removing and re-attaching the USB-microphone, TeamSpeak3 "loses" access to it 2013-07-30
73479 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- paplay incorrectly assumes stdin will be open 2014-01-10
42351 PulseAud core mkbosmans ASSI --- VERY loud hiss from speakers 2012-01-11
40643 PulseAud modules colin ASSI --- Pulseaudio crashes at volume/mute control of a RAOP device 2012-07-15
94971 PulseAud core nevion ASSI --- Please fix PulseAudio equalizer 2016-04-19
88828 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs ASSI --- Rename pa_hashmap_remove() to pa_hashmap_steal() 2015-07-28
50256 PulseAud alsa tanuk ASSI --- pasuspender alsa hook test fix. 2012-06-16
65703 PulseAud modules wangxingchao2011 ASSI --- High latency in HTTP streaming 2013-09-09
39814 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs REOP --- Alsamixer: missing entries in analog output 2016-04-13
40602 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs REOP --- Network tunnel documentation is lacking somewhat 2011-09-04
50324 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs REOP --- pulseaudio continuously creates and frees input streams 2016-02-14
59217 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs REOP --- Speaker volume is set to 0 when plugging/unplugging headphones 2016-02-29
75984 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs REOP --- balance shifted right after restore 2014-03-12
76529 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs REOP --- Mix of translated and untranslated message 2015-01-27
87194 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs REOP --- Wiki account request 2014-12-10
90870 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs REOP --- Pulseaudio doesn't remember default device 2015-08-12
92141 PulseAud clients pulseaudio-bugs REOP --- Connection failure: Protocol error 2015-12-27
92754 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs REOP --- Stereo Profile is missing FAST TRACK ULTRA USB Audio card 2016-03-22
93363 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs REOP --- Repeating sound while screen goes to sleep 2016-03-20
45656 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs REOP --- lacks handling of (not-so-)special cases in pa_make_secure_dir() 2014-12-19
50518 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs RESO DUPL Pulseaudio Daemon crashing. 2012-05-30
57412 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE Pulseaudio under enumerates HDMI interfaces via ALSA 2014-09-01
61336 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs RESO INVA pulseaudio memory leak with kmix and alsa 2013-04-19
65122 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE Audio doesn't work on OSX due to bugs in the coreaudio implementation 2013-05-29
88703 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs RESO DUPL Simultaneous audio-out is delayed [per-card interface]. 14:09:33
57239 PulseAud core tanuk RESO FIXE pulseaudio 2.99.2 make new device from same device if is this device reconnected - show device more times in mixer 2012-11-22
37467 PulseAud pavucont arun RESO FIXE Test Bug For PulseAudio 2011-06-22
40897 PulseAud core arun RESO FIXE pa_namereg_get_default_* has unwanted side-effects 2011-10-10
44741 PulseAud alsa arun RESO FIXE No sound output yet all software says there should be 2012-01-14
40635 PulseAud build-sy colin RESO FIXE Depend on relevant versions of alsa + dbus rather than support backwards compat via #ifdefs 2011-09-07
40636 PulseAud core colin RESO FIXE Change public facing references to "sync_volumes" 2011-09-14
45029 PulseAud tools colin RESO FIXE Pacmd documentation is in the wrong place and outdated 2012-04-10
80642 PulseAud core diwic RESO FIXE recent file descriptor passing changes broke FreeBSD 2014-10-26
93903 PulseAud core diwic RESO FIXE Unplugging headphones changes Build in Audio profile from analog to digital 2016-02-26
70096 PulseAud core kiraank RESO FIXE sndfile-util.c crashes on 24 bit files 2013-10-13
88831 PulseAud core kiraank RESO FIXE Remove redundant core argument from pa_module_unload() 2015-12-07
88833 PulseAud core kiraank RESO FIXE Rename functions with "tostring" in the name to one with "to_string" 2015-08-12
66326 PulseAud tools magnus.ekhall RESO FIXE parecord: Implement recording from a single sink-input 2013-08-14
78565 PulseAud tools manish.sogi RESO FIXE Placeholders describing command line options should not have spaces 2015-07-02
88952 PulseAud modules manish.sogi RESO FIXE Remove the unused "auto_connect" parameter from module-bluez4-device 2015-09-17
91174 PulseAud modules manish.sogi RESO FIXE Resource leak: alloc_fd and Resource leak: dev_fd 2015-07-21
44397 PulseAud daemon me RESO FIXE daemon crashes (segmentation fault) when switching the sink of Gnome sounds (module-remap-sink) 2012-03-30
39190 PulseAud tools parinporecha RESO FIXE pactl: need way to set separate left/right volume 2014-11-14
47493 PulseAud core parinporecha RESO FIXE protocol-native: XOR asserts are expressed in a roundabout way 2013-11-20
54029 PulseAud core patrakov RESO NOTO Fail to hotplug Bose USB audio 12:49:30
45030 PulseAud tools poljar RESO FIXE --help and --version command line options for pacmd 2012-05-05
55262 PulseAud alsa poljar RESO FIXE If volume was at 0% at shutdown upon reboot it's at 100%. 2014-12-26
38728 PulseAud tools pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE qpaeq: DBus error on start 2013-11-22
38858 PulseAud modules pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE [regression] build failure in module-jack-sink.c:463: undefined reference to `jack_free' 2011-08-15
39034 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs RESO NOTO pulseaudio-0.9.23 breaks binary compatibility 2011-08-15
39237 PulseAud misc pulseaudio-bugs RESO FIXE [PATCH] fix two comment typos 2011-07-14
39412 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs RESO INVA Choppy Sound with Pulsesink on ARM 2012-03-14
39506 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs RESO NOTO Kdenlive crash when overwriting existing file 2012-03-13
39579 PulseAud daemon pulseaudio-bugs RESO INVA PulseAudio Crashes with two streams 2012-03-14
39612 PulseAud alsa pulseaudio-bugs RESO NOTO RHEL6.1 there is no connector in the tab of Input/Output of Sound Preferences 2011-07-29
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