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42 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
49835 udisks general allamsetty.anup NEW --- Plural forms 2015-04-07
63041 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- Set disk attributes also on system resume, not just system boot 2016-03-05
89335 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- Detect fake devices when formatting 2015-03-07
89520 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- over-complicated error messages from failed mount 2015-03-10
90845 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- Consider porting to libfdisk (instead of gdisk / partman) 2015-06-04
92431 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- Add "idle" time information 2015-10-11
92446 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- gdu segfaults due to udisks_client_get_object returning null 2016-10-04
92584 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- No progress indicated for long operations (formatting and encrypting external drive) 2015-10-22
92746 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- udisksctl doesn't accept absolute object-paths 2015-10-30
92752 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- Rephrase of message is requried 2015-12-20
93543 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- udisksctl mounts removable partition to '/' with no questions asked 2016-02-29
94112 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- umount.udisks2 should support last-action scripts 2016-02-12
94991 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- Unable to mount flash drive with several users running simultaneously 2016-04-18
97845 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- ignore file/folder ownership for removable media (e.g. EXT4) 2016-09-17
98991 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- Repeated attempts to issue SMART commands via ATA pass-through 2017-04-18
101444 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- GObject xref links are broken in documentation 2017-07-19
103891 udisks general martin.pitt NEW --- All files on ntfs are mounted as executable 2017-11-24
20691 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- clean up when desktop session terminates 2009-03-19
24870 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- support for setting optical drive speed 2009-11-03
33461 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- Allow extra mount options from udev rules 2016-06-25
53949 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- Better wording in authorization dialogs 2012-08-22
57473 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- SMART data inputoutput error 2012-11-24
58007 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- Error performing initial housekeeping 2016-10-14
60152 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- udisks leaks information about existence of directories 2015-06-11
62527 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- move shared mounts from /media to /run/media 2013-03-19
63849 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- udisks2 mounts floppy disk as root 2016-02-27
64025 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- Allow Btrfs specific mount options 2019-06-08
64458 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- NTFS drives are mounted as case sensitive file systems instead of case insensitive ones 2013-05-11
64749 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- GPT system and hidden partitions are not hidden 2014-04-06
65656 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- udisks --eject /dev/sr0 does not eject emoty trays 2013-06-11
70164 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- Please support TrueCrypt volumes 2016-05-06
75906 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- Udisks-daemon random 100% CPU usage 2014-12-27
79922 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- .iso not always mounted when a partition is detected 2015-06-09
80322 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- seat not detected for MemoryStick devices 2014-06-21
80726 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- udisks should at least warn a user when media is mounted in an unreadable location 2014-06-30
83803 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- incorrect display of SMART attributes. 2014-09-12
84863 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- Auto adding of #disk# postfix 2014-12-18
87277 udisks general zeuthen NEW --- manages Btrfs multiple device volumes incorrectly, cannot umount 2016-09-10
26258 udisks general zeuthen ASSI --- Add Btrfs support to udisks 2015-08-03
69145 udisks general zeuthen ASSI --- put default mount options into a config file 2016-05-17
53475 udisks general zeuthen REOP --- Error performing housekeeping WD drives (10,000 RPM Drives) 2017-10-12
71802 udisks general zeuthen REOP --- Unable to spin-down external USB HDD and switch off LED of USB-flash with udisks2 2016-03-28
42 bugs found.


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