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29 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
111578 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- ineg of b2i32 optimization does not trigger 2019-09-09
109532 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- ir_variable has maximum access out of bounds -- but it's not out of bounds 2019-09-06
109064 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- temp_comp_access::get_required_live_range: enclosing_scope_first_write is NULL 2019-02-15
108498 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- ir_dereference_record nullptr segfault in 2018-10-19
108160 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- GLSL version >=1.30 built-in functions present in version <1.30 2018-10-31
107089 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- [GLSL] "Multiplication by zero" optimization for floating point expression should be skipped 2018-09-11
106996 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- Compiler diagnostic for sampler declared as "out" parameter of function is terrible 2018-09-20
106915 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEED --- [GLSL] Unused arrays declared without a size should be handled like arrays of size 1. 2018-09-11
106590 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- Wrong line numbers expanded while compiling shaders 2018-08-21
104553 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEED --- mat4: m[i][j] incorrect result with row_major UBO & SSBO 2019-05-05
103895 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- Spurious “used uninitialized” warning 2017-11-25
102021 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- ir validation assert on valid GLSL 2017-08-03
96727 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Wrong column number in shader compilation info log 2016-07-09
96320 Mesa glsl-com mattst88 REOP --- [glsl] C-style const arrays trigger assertion in GLSL 4.30 2016-06-06
94747 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Convert phi nodes to logical operations 2019-01-29
94744 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Merge similar if-statements 2018-07-18
93681 Mesa glsl-com jason NEW --- GLSL compilation can be very slow 2019-06-03
92822 Mesa glsl-com t_arceri ASSI --- arb_program_interface_query.arb_program_interface_query-getprogramresourceindex regression 2019-02-16
91645 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Several -Woverloaded-virtual warnings when building mesa 2015-08-15
89064 Mesa glsl-com kenneth NEW --- [radeonsi] [bisected] reaction-game crashes with GLSL compiler error 2018-03-06
88815 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Incorrect handling of GLSL #line directive 2015-12-18
77456 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- i965/fs generates slow code for vector comparisons 2014-04-28
74819 Mesa glsl-com idr NEED --- Using a shared global uniform struct in both vertex and fragment shader prevents the program from linking 2014-02-12
71912 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Compounded macros in shaders: huge memory consumption 2013-12-18
71574 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Long expressions in shaders crash Mesa 2015-11-25
70922 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- [PIGLIT,radeonsi] SIGSEGV for shaders/glsl-vs-inline-explosion 2014-03-22
70920 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- [GLSL compiler] SIGSEGV for shaders/glsl-fs-inline-explosion 2016-12-25
55153 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Mesa could optimize repeated multiplication of a varying by a constant factor in the fragment shader 2014-04-16
55151 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Mesa fails to optimize the sum of multiple vector multiplications into a matrix multiplication 2014-11-05
29 bugs found.


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