Sat Apr 20 2019 14:53:58 UTC
[xorg@] The CFLAGS value is probably of particular interest; this version of gcc and my CFLAGS may seem a little bit cutting edge. [...] CFLAGS="-O1 -O2 -O3 ..."
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17 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
110246 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs NEW --- [CI][SHARDS] igt@gem_mocs_settings@mocs-rc6-blt - incomplete - Jenkins killed the machine when it shouldn't 07:40:16
110475 xorg Driver/i chris NEW --- Add 0x3E98 to src/intel_module.c 06:55:09
110371 DRI DRM/othe dri-devel NEW --- HP Dreamcolor display *Error* No EDID read Fri 17:59
110443 Mesa Drivers/ dri-devel NEW --- vaapi/vpp: wrong output for non 64-bytes align width (ex: 1200) 22:37:54
108085 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs NEW --- Intel GeminiLake corruption at top of screen caused by fbc 21:14:47
110453 xorg App/XtoQ jeremyhu NEW --- QMK ARM based Keyboard Crashes X server 06:10:59
110323 Mesa Drivers/ mesa-dev NEW --- mesa-19.0.1 fails to compile with llvm-8.0.0 and Gallium swr driver 05:12:17
110459 Mesa Drivers/ mesa-dev NEW --- Escape from Tarkov on DXVK renders wrong windows reflection unless RADV_DEBUG=nohiz is passed Fri 20:22
110472 Mesa Other mesa-dev NEW --- Graphical Fault (Desktop Freeze) on Specific OpenGL Application Fri 17:28
110471 Mesa Drivers/ samuel.pitoiset NEW --- No Man Sky GPU hang Fri 15:29
110417 xorg Driver/A xorg-driver-ati NEW --- regression drm-next-5.2-wip: breaks vsync of new Compton xrender backend 12:43:57
110473 xorg Driver/A xorg-driver-ati NEW --- FreeSync / VRR stops working after window switching or minimizing 13:16:48
110474 Mesa Drivers/ idr ASSI --- [bisected][regression] vk cts fp16 arithmetic failures 00:40:20
102370 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs REOP --- [CI] Failed assertion: eld_is_valid() in igt@kms_hdmi_inject@inject-audio Fri 18:46
108521 DRI DRM/AMDg dri-devel RESO NOTO RX 580 as eGPU amdgpu: gpu post error! Fri 19:46
101388 DRI DRM/Inte martin.peres CLOS FIXE [BAT][GLK] *ERROR* The master control interrupt lied (DE PORT)! 07:55:01
108826 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs NEED --- [GLK DSI] Black screen after grub - Ubuntu 18.04 - kernel latest tip 21.11.2018 06:37:45
17 bugs found.


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