Mon May 30 2016 06:49:45 UTC
<daniels> i once dreamed about debugging something in xkb, vivid memories of gdb and everything. took me 10min after i woke up to realise that it was a dream as the backtrace i vividly remembered literally made no sense and could never have occurred.
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
9685 xorg Build/Mo xorg-team NEW --- cleanlinks gives warning about '-depth' 2011-10-15
10019 xorg Build/Mo xorg-team NEW --- "cleanlinks" removes non-dangling absolute symlinks 2011-10-15
10020 xorg Build/Mo xorg-team NEW --- Support M32R target 2011-10-15
93631 xorg Build/Mo xorg-team NEW --- xorg/util/cf - option -mminimal-toc on linkage - ppc64el arch 2016-01-07
94099 xorg Build/Mo xorg-team NEW --- missing bounds check in makedepend 2016-02-11
45509 xorg Build/Mo jeremyhu NEW --- imake is failing with clang 2014-01-15
10021 xorg Build/Mo xorg-team NEW --- [makedepend] complains of being unable to find stddef.h, stdarg.h and others 2011-10-09
35061 xorg Build/Mo xorg-team NEW --- makedepend cannot handle include files a/foo.h and b/foo.h 2011-10-03
7167 xorg Build/Mo daniel ASSI --- dear sun: kindly desist (solar object, not corporation) 2015-05-28
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