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<MostAwesomeDude> Someday all the resentment will pour out in a backlash, resulting in something horrible.<airlied> MostAwesomeDude: we call it X <MostAwesomeDude> airlied: Something *else* horrible. The anti-X. <airlied> MostAwesomeDude: we call that X as well ;-)
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19 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
5380 xorg Document xorg-team REOP --- README.fonts needs update for fontconfig multi-file configurations 2011-10-06
9947 xorg Document xorg-team REOP --- XmbLookupString man page warning 2011-10-15
23895 xorg Document jesserayadkins ASSI --- VideoAdaptor section of xorg.conf man page needs love 2011-10-27
378 xorg Document xorg-team ASSI --- man pages for XSelectInput and XMapWindow should document ordering issue 2011-10-03
8614 xorg Document keithp NEW --- Render description shouldn't have dst_x, dst_y in composite_glyphs_{8,16,32} 2011-10-06
1243 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- Render library document fails to document setting filters 2012-10-02
4335 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- Missing XRender Man Page 2011-09-26
37334 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- Non-standard macros in manual pages 2011-10-15
37362 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- let the HTML documentation support sync-ToC 2011-10-06
37552 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- libXaw.html promotes obsolete XtAppInitialize 2011-10-15
96310 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- typos in "Xlib - C Language X Interface" document 2016-06-01
32739 xorg Document ajax NEW --- man xorg.conf does not document Option "BackingStore" 2014-04-08
16604 xorg Document keithp NEW --- Xrandr(3) man page doesn't describe XRRSelectInput() 2011-10-03
2997 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- XDamage Extension needs manual pages 2011-09-26
9946 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- XDrawArc man page maths come out bad on tty 2011-10-15
19427 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- Add information about Option NoDDC/NoDDC1/NoDDC2 to man page 2011-10-03
29402 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- Man pages should mention header files 2013-04-11
32802 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- Discrepancy between man/code and Xlib spec for XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback 2012-10-02
38910 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- XDrawArc man page should explain truncation 2011-10-15
19 bugs found.


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