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[ickle] it's good enough for the blending edge distros, might be a little too blending edge if you just want things to work. [ickle] blending? help, I need a break from gfx. [ajax] "blending edge" is my new favorite neologism
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31 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
111599 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- [CI][RESUME] igt@gem_ctx_isolation@* - skip - Test requirement: !(gen > LAST_KNOWN_GEN), SKIP 2019-09-09
108767 DRI IGT petri.latvala NEW --- [CI][Runner] Abort on network down 2019-09-02
102670 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- [CI] igt@kms_cursor_legacy@*flip-vs-cursor-* Failed assertion: get_vblank(display->drm_fd, pipe, 0) == * 2019-04-11
107310 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- intel-gpu-overlay crashes on startup, being aborted 2019-02-25
109607 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- [CI][DRMTIP] Time is passing at a different rate between IGT machines and the controller 2019-08-19
109719 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- [igt_runner] Collect pstore data and attach it to dmesg output when resuming or reporting 2019-02-21
109941 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- [CI] igt@i915_pm_rpm@module-reload - crash 2019-07-02
110249 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- IGT command line tools load redundant GUI libraries 2019-04-09
110320 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- Improve igt_assert for timing checks 2019-04-04
110521 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- Make skips easily parseable by machines 2019-04-26
110597 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- [IGT runner] allow attachments to results.json 2019-05-03
110598 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- [IGT runner] allow tests to attach test-specific results 2019-05-03
110599 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- [IGT runner] Per-test external watchdog 2019-05-03
110600 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- [IGT runner] be more consistent with checks on display/outputs 2019-05-03
110619 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- Dump process stacktraces in case a test hangs 2019-05-06
110754 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- Add tests checking how stable the CRCs are 2019-05-24
110823 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- [Intel-GFX-CI][BAT] igt@amdgpu/amd_basic@userptr - fail - Failed assertion: r == 0 2019-06-03
109352 DRI IGT tomi.p.sarvela NEW --- [CI] Deployment of IGT is different between CI_DRM and IGT_ runs 2019-07-26
110313 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- [CI][SHARDS] igt@kms_lease@lease-uevent - fail - Failed assertion: igt_lease_change_detected(uevent_monitor, 1) 2019-07-23
99426 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- gem_mmap_gtt swap tests are too long - perf: interrupt took too long 2018-07-04
111630 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- Generate a list of tags for the machine that runs the testsuite Tue 10:52
111637 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- Document configuration shadowing and clean up handling that in igt_core Wed 05:14
111638 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- Include tools/ in documentation Wed 05:34
111667 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- gem_render_copy failing on CCS subtests Fri 04:58
100047 DRI IGT petri.latvala ASSI --- [IGT][CI] Change kms_sysfs_edid_timing test into a performance test 2019-04-12
108675 DRI IGT petri.latvala ASSI --- [CI][BAT] The binary pm_rpm excited before executing module-reload 2019-08-15
102505 DRI IGT petri.latvala REOP --- [BAT] igt@kms_chamelium@common-hpd-after-suspend caused *ERROR* failed to enable link training 2019-08-08
106885 DRI IGT bugs REOP --- [CI][SHARDS] igt@kms_plane@pixel-format-pipe-[abc]-planes|igt@kms_rotation_crc@ - dmesg-warn|dmesg-fail - *ERROR* Overflow of CRC buffer, userspace reads too slow. 2019-08-12
108891 DRI IGT dri-devel REOP --- Test enumeration becomes funky on some tests due to fd FILE* stream change 2018-11-29
102370 DRI IGT intel-gfx-bugs REOP --- [CI] Failed assertion: eld_has_igt() in igt@kms_hdmi_inject@inject-audio Fri 13:04
108044 DRI IGT dri-devel NEED --- [CI][BAT] igt@drv_selftest@live_hangcheck - incomplete 2019-04-12
31 bugs found.


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