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11 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
104715 xorg Protocol xorg-team NEW --- Adding the ability to uniquely claim the top drawing area 2018-01-22
21718 xorg Protocol xorg-team NEW --- AllowEvents on keyboard fails with newer grab on pointer 2011-10-09
3884 xorg Protocol Markus.Kuhn ASSI --- More keysyms 2011-10-05
16585 xorg Protocol xorg-team REOP --- Multimedia keys should be autogenerated 2016-11-28
103028 xorg Protocol xorg-team NEW --- Polytonic Greek: Use new keysyms for dead tonos and oxia 2017-09-29
31456 xorg Protocol xorg-team NEW --- x11-proto/xproto-7.0.19: configure check for poll.h 2011-10-06
8138 xorg Protocol xorg-team NEW --- XDMCP sessions terminate when xdmcp clients suspend 2011-09-25
96474 xorg Protocol xorg-team NEW --- XF86keysym.h has no copyright header 2016-06-10
45202 xorg Protocol jamey NEW --- xf86vmproto.h xXF86VidModeModeInfo hskew B16 2012-06-12
17013 xorg Protocol aplattner ASSI --- Xinerama + XCopyArea/Xdamage 2014-04-07
99461 xorg Protocol xorg-team NEW --- Xwinsock.h does not compile on 64-bit Windows. 2017-01-19
11 bugs found.


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