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12 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
26238 at-spi2 core mark.doffman NEW --- Specification improvements 2010-08-31
24106 at-spi2 core mark.doffman NEW --- Allow at-spi2-core files to co-exist with AT-SPI/CORBA 2009-10-01
25711 at-spi2 core mark.doffman NEW --- dbus-daemon reference in at-spi2-core/bus/ needs fully qualified path 2010-01-14
28778 at-spi2 core rob.taylor NEW --- Migrate from dbus-glib to glib's GDBus 2010-12-09
29275 at-spi2 core rob.taylor NEW --- Keyboard events are unacceptably slow 2010-07-27
31012 at-spi2 core rob.taylor NEW --- Combined bug report from LDTPv2 2011-04-13
60911 at-spi2 core rob.taylor NEW --- Fails to find X libs without C_INCLUDE_PATH 2013-02-15
89678 at-spi2 core rob.taylor NEW --- Fix a couple of GTK-Doc comment blocks to silence g-ir-scanner warnings. 2015-03-19
26237 at-spi2 core mark.doffman NEW --- Improve the device event controller code. 2010-01-26
25963 at-spi2 core mark.doffman ASSI --- Registry doesn't emit mouse motion events 2010-02-10
26039 at-spi2 core mark.doffman ASSI --- Accessibility bus does not participate in session management. 2010-01-28
26475 at-spi2 core mark.doffman ASSI --- Application crashes cause unhandled pyatspi exception. 2010-02-08
12 bugs found.


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