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34 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
82897 Mesa glsl-com chrisf NEW --- force_glsl_extensions_warn=true breaks Unigine Sanctuary & Tropics demos when GL_ARB_gpu_shader5 exposed 2015-08-29
89064 Mesa glsl-com cworth NEW --- [radeonsi] [bisected] reaction-game crashes with GLSL compiler error 2017-01-03
44968 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- [bisected] piglit shaders_GLSL_link_two_programs,_global_initializer regressed 2015-06-16
55149 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Mesa fails to optimize pow(x, vec3(3.0)) where x is a vec3. 2014-04-16
55151 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Mesa fails to optimize the sum of multiple vector multiplications into a matrix multiplication 2014-11-05
55153 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Mesa could optimize repeated multiplication of a varying by a constant factor in the fragment shader 2014-04-16
70920 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- [GLSL compiler] SIGSEGV for shaders/glsl-fs-inline-explosion 2016-12-25
70922 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- [PIGLIT,radeonsi] SIGSEGV for shaders/glsl-vs-inline-explosion 2014-03-22
71574 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Long expressions in shaders crash Mesa 2015-11-25
71912 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Compounded macros in shaders: huge memory consumption 2013-12-18
77456 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- i965/fs generates slow code for vector comparisons 2014-04-28
88815 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Incorrect handling of GLSL #line directive 2015-12-18
91645 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Several -Woverloaded-virtual warnings when building mesa 2015-08-15
92929 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Add a NIR pass to lower indirects to conditional load/store operations. 2015-11-12
93681 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- GLSL compilation can be very slow 2016-09-12
94744 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Merge similar if-statements 2016-03-29
94747 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Convert phi nodes to logical operations 2016-07-12
95323 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- GL33-CTS.CommonBugs.CommonBug_ReservedNames fails 2016-05-11
96727 Mesa glsl-com idr NEW --- Wrong column number in shader compilation info log 2016-07-09
90157 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- GLSL ES does not allow non-constant initializers for globals 2015-04-24
97852 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- Unreal Engine corrupted preview viewport 2017-01-04
98699 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- "float[a+++4 ? 1:1] f;" crashes glsl_compiler 2016-11-15
100316 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- Linking GLSL 1.30 shaders with invariant and deprecated variables triggers an 'mismatching invariant qualifiers' error 2017-03-22
100438 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- glsl/ir.cpp:1376: ir_dereference_variable::ir_dereference_variable(ir_variable*): Assertion `var != NULL' failed. 2017-04-08
100854 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev NEW --- YUV to RGB Color Space Conversion result is not precise Thu 22:12
89436 Mesa glsl-com robclark NEW --- Add NIR functions for copying instructions, blocks, functions, and whole shaders 2015-10-21
72478 Mesa glsl-com stereotype441 NEW --- [regression] 45% performance drop for gputest_volplosion bench (radeonsi) 2013-12-13
32211 Mesa glsl-com t_arceri NEW --- [GLSL] lower_jumps with continue-statements in for-loops prevents loop unrolling 2016-09-06
32103 Mesa glsl-com idr REOP --- program/ir_to_mesa.cpp:2247: prog_src_register mesa_src_reg_from_ir_src_reg(ir_to_mesa_src_reg): Assertion `reg.index < (1 << 11)' failed. 2012-01-25
85564 Mesa glsl-com idr REOP --- Dead Island rendering issues 2017-04-09
96320 Mesa glsl-com mattst88 REOP --- [glsl] C-style const arrays trigger assertion in GLSL 4.30 2016-06-06
98595 Mesa glsl-com mesa-dev REOP --- glsl: ralloc assertion "info->canary == CANARY" failed 2016-12-09
74092 Mesa glsl-com idr NEED --- way to force glsl compiler to use specific glsl version? (e.g. for shaders with no #version) 2014-01-27
74819 Mesa glsl-com idr NEED --- Using a shared global uniform struct in both vertex and fragment shader prevents the program from linking 2014-02-12
34 bugs found.


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