Tue May 24 2016 15:41:48 UTC
[sanxiyn] I thought xlibs does a lot more than just X protocol. [vorlon] yes, it also functions as a suppository
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22 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
71177 poppler glib fro poppler-bugs NEW --- "In pixman_region32_init_rect: Invalid rectangle passed" when viewing a certain PDF 09:36:06
19227 PackageK General richard NEW --- detect when processes need to be restarted 2014-11-25
74169 LibreOff filters libreoffice-bugs NEW --- support Apple pages format 2014-07-22
18543 PackageK General richard NEW --- add a screenshots feature 2008-11-15
23619 PackageK General richard NEW --- support end of life (EOL) notifications 2009-09-01
7455 DejaVu General dejavu-bugs RESO FIXE PangoWarning: Error loading GPOS table 4097 2007-01-23
36786 xorg Driver/n nouveau RESO INVA [regression] switching from Linux 2.6.39 rc4 to rc5 nouveau gives a GPU lockup on boot 2011-05-05
5389 xkeyboar General xkb RESO FIXE Khmer keyboard layout missing 2006-03-05
6137 xkeyboar General xkb RESO DUPL please add NiDA Khmer keyboard layout 2006-03-05
32310 DRI DRM/Inte chris RESO NOTO [945GM] screen power and lid open/close issues 2012-11-06
14539 Mesa Drivers/ haihao.xiang RESO FIXE [945GM] scorched3d causes crash. Ring lockup 2009-08-24
19149 Mesa Drivers/ haihao.xiang RESO FIXE [945GM] occasional crash under high load. Ring lockups 2009-08-24
15276 xorg Driver/n nouveau RESO FIXE text rendering, PGRAPH_ERROR/ILLEGAL_MTHD/PROTECTION_FAULT spam in syslog 2009-02-01
64029 xorg Input/ev peter.hutterer RESO FIXE evdev crashes if ABS_X/Y is missing from multitouch devices 2013-06-26
78145 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE Syntax Warning: Illegal/Invalid entry in bfrange block in ToUnicode CMap 2015-03-04
71202 upower general richard RESO FIXE random crashes (SIGTRAP) 2014-11-26
16103 swfdec plugin swfdec RESO NOTO http://www.leparisien.fr of 26052008 crashed with swfdec 2008-09-15
16848 swfdec plugin swfdec RESO DUPL 0.7.2 crashes xulrunner 1.9 based browsers with fontstruct site 2008-07-25
84314 udisks general zeuthen RESO NOTO random crash (SIGSEGV) 2015-06-30
15502 xorg Driver/n nouveau RESO FIXE Unknown LVDS configuration bits 2009-12-03
12082 Mesa Drivers/ haihao.xiang VERI FIXE [i915]segment fault with BASE_LEVEL set to 5 for MipMap 2009-08-24
14966 Mesa Drivers/ haihao.xiang VERI FIXE [i915 mesa_7_0_branch] segment fault with BASE_LEVEL set to 5 for MipMap 2008-06-15
22 bugs found.