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32 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
4518 xorg App/othe jeremyhu NEW --- [sessreg] Cannot login with 32-bit UID's 2011-10-02
7637 xorg Lib/Xfon jeremyhu NEW --- missing exported symbols when built w/o freetype 2011-10-02
6227 xorg Lib/Xft keithp NEW --- Xft should allow XftMaxFreeTypeFiles to be configurable 2011-10-02
2009 xorg Lib/Xpm xorg-team NEW --- libXpm should use zlib for compression/decompression 2011-09-24
2595 xorg App/xini xorg-team NEW --- startx arg handling is not whitespace-clean 2011-10-17
2706 xorg Server/I xorg-team NEW --- Mouse keys won't work with repeat keys 2011-10-17
4874 xorg Lib/Xt xorg-team NEW --- string constants in X11/StringDefs.h discard const qualifier 2011-09-27
7100 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team NEW --- XKeysymToString causes leaks for lookups of unnamed keys in Unicode range 2011-10-03
7588 xorg Lib/Xau xorg-team NEW --- libXau is not thread safe 2011-10-02
7794 xorg App/othe xorg-team NEW --- oclock: better behaviour wrt date change 2011-10-02
21583 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- overeager xid reuse 2012-03-24
35052 xorg Lib/Xft xorg-team NEW --- 100% CPU usage in XftCharIndex 2011-10-06
41861 xorg Driver/V ajax NEW --- Fails to load under parallels 2011-10-17
6262 xorg Server/D dmx-bugs NEW --- dpi goes to default on Xdmx display 2011-10-16
10659 xorg App/xrdb jeremyhu NEW --- [xrdb] fails with spaces in the -I path 2011-10-15
22539 xorg App/xran keithp NEW --- xrandr weirdness: cannot find crtc 2014-01-14
51363 xorg App/xran keithp NEW --- xrandr does not report failure in exit code 2014-01-12
4335 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- Missing XRender Man Page 2011-09-26
10583 xorg App/othe xorg-team NEW --- [xwd] -frame ignored when using -name 2011-10-02
14676 xorg Lib/othe xorg-team NEW --- DMXGetScreenAttributes is not thread safe 2011-10-05
21325 xorg Lib/Xt xorg-team NEW --- libXt should be able to handle button 6 and 7 event translations 2011-10-05
26747 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team NEW --- X does not allow input of Unicode characters using Ctrl+Shift followed by the character code 2015-07-13
32223 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team NEW --- XKeyboardControl.bell_percent affects duration of bell ringing 2011-10-09
39383 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- X server crashes when restarting KDE from Alt+F2 2012-03-24
2997 xorg Document xorg-team NEW --- XDamage Extension needs manual pages 2011-09-26
20124 xorg Server/D xorg-team NEW --- Multiple -class argument 2011-10-09
7611 xorg Lib/Xmu jeremyhu ASSI --- libXmu not IPv6 clean 2011-10-03
10578 xorg App/othe matthieu.herrb ASSI --- [xcalc] uses wrong order of operations in infix mode 2011-10-02
23895 xorg Document jesserayadkins ASSI --- VideoAdaptor section of xorg.conf man page needs love 2011-10-27
201 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team ASSI --- libX11 fails to build with --disable-xlocale 2015-11-17
378 xorg Document xorg-team ASSI --- man pages for XSelectInput and XMapWindow should document ordering issue 2011-10-03
25722 xorg Lib/Xlib xorg-team ASSI --- Error "No protocol specified" is uninformative 2011-10-09
32 bugs found.


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