Sat Dec 15 2018 11:08:52 UTC
<airlied> I just also wish we had pix11it <airlied> so when people rewrite their accel architectures they actually test the results <airlied> not looking at ickle at all
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13 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
26239 at-spi2 atk mark.doffman NEW --- Performance issues with DevHelp 2010-01-26
26111 at-spi2 atk li.yuan NEW --- gconf-editor crash during startup 2010-01-18
26113 at-spi2 atk li.yuan NEW --- gconf-editor crash during quit 2010-01-18
21357 at-spi2 atk mark.doffman NEW --- gtk-demo 'picker' combo box is broken. 2010-01-24
24108 at-spi2 atk mark.doffman NEW --- Allow at-spi2-atk files to co-exist with AT-SPI/CORBA 2009-10-01
26241 at-spi2 atk mark.doffman NEW --- Improve test cases - move tests to the at-spi2-atk module. 2010-01-26
22221 at-spi2 atk rob.taylor NEW --- Ask for an account 2009-06-10
26474 at-spi2 atk rob.taylor NEW --- signal missing for state changes of checkboxes 2010-02-08
26775 at-spi2 atk rob.taylor NEW --- at-spi2-registryd segfaults GDM when logging in. (0.1.7) 2010-02-26
84170 at-spi2 atk rob.taylor NEW --- Bad Macro 2014-09-22
24111 at-spi2 atk mark.doffman ASSI --- gconf-editor is very very slow 2010-01-24
24117 at-spi2 atk mark.doffman ASSI --- "orca -l" and "accerciser" crash 2010-01-24
24275 at-spi2 atk mark.doffman ASSI --- Applications should be able to handle restarting the registry 2010-01-24
13 bugs found.


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