Wed Jan 17 2018 01:06:35 UTC
[agd5f] I'll let you all in on a little secret: X could have been more secure and supported things like dynamic reconfiguration long ago, but us X devs HATE that stuff. in fact we've been actively trying to reverse the progress of windowing systems and make them more insecure
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14 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
76172 colord daemon mailstorpk NEW --- Whitespace in the color name should be removed or replaced by underscore 2014-03-14
87519 colord daemon richard NEW --- When calibrating / profiling with ColorMunki Design, colord-session crashes / core dumps at 3/4 2017-11-05
93411 colord daemon richard NEW --- First Bug (LS) 2015-12-16
96697 colord daemon richard NEW --- Hp Printer(1866)-(263)-(6206)Support Phone Number California 2016-06-27
98451 colord daemon richard NEW --- er 2016-10-26
98452 colord daemon richard NEW --- verify the functionality of mention feature. 2016-10-26
98870 colord daemon richard NEW --- Unable to install icc profiles 2017-05-14
104465 colord daemon richard NEW --- Colord produces network broadcast traffic 2018-01-02
86881 colord daemon richard ASSI --- colord screen profile change print output 2014-12-01
97015 colord daemon richard ASSI --- colord cannot find X-Rite i1 Display Pro 2017-06-14
79274 colord daemon richard NEED --- colord relies on /sys/class/drm 2014-05-27
81582 colord daemon richard NEED --- Colord fails to start on hardened kernel 2014-08-02
83342 colord daemon richard NEED --- colord: libusb requires write access to USB device noces 2014-09-01
102018 colord daemon richard NEED --- while searching for an icc, keyboard is locked out 2017-08-03
14 bugs found.


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