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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
91177 udisks detectio martin.pitt NEW --- HintSystem property is not properly enforced 2015-07-01
92353 udisks detectio martin.pitt NEW --- multipath needs some tweaks 2015-10-09
93771 udisks detectio martin.pitt NEW --- udisks does not enable gvfs to detect cd/dvd drive 2019-09-26
98867 udisks detectio martin.pitt NEW --- udisk (Gnome) displays ubuntu partition within extended partion as unused 2016-11-28
28451 udisks detectio zeuthen NEW --- Handle more complicated partitioning schemes 2012-09-28
39371 udisks detectio zeuthen NEW --- Detect mmc/SD/SDHC card type 2011-07-19
55283 udisks detectio zeuthen NEW --- White-list for identifying SD/MMC drives as such 2012-09-28
61999 udisks detectio zeuthen NEW --- No SMART data reported due to partial I/O error 2013-03-08
68701 udisks detectio zeuthen NEW --- USB external drive can't be detected and mounted 2013-08-30
69825 udisks detectio zeuthen NEW --- udisks2 / udev don't detect optical drive 2013-09-25
73250 udisks detectio zeuthen NEW --- Udisks2 "MediaRemovable" changing from true to false at runtime for a Card Reader 2014-01-08
73731 udisks detectio zeuthen NEW --- UDisks2 doesn't handle LVM2 thin volumes well. 2014-12-08
79184 udisks detectio zeuthen NEW --- udisks-2.1.3 doesn't drop removed devices 2019-09-16
59546 udisks detectio zeuthen REOP --- Serials of QEMU virtio disks are not detected 2013-10-08
56151 udisks detectio zeuthen NEED --- Udisks does not detect xD card as a removable device 2014-12-18
15 bugs found.


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