Wed Feb 21 2018 16:50:18 UTC
<ajax> still there are classes of things where you just want to poke some state and say "hey, next time around the main loop, call me" <ajax> (i just recv'd you / and this is crazy / but here's my seqno / so call me maybe)
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
8954 xorg App/xkbc daniel NEW --- fails at multiple keycodes per keysym 2011-10-02
77504 xorg App/xkbc daniel NEW --- "Compat map for group 2 redefined" warnings with evdev/pc105/us 2014-08-09
55471 xorg App/xkbc xorg-team NEW --- -R option to xkbcomp appears to be broken 2012-10-01
59082 xorg App/xkbc xorg-team NEW --- xkbcomp doesn't work from terminal 2013-01-08
75708 xorg App/xkbc xorg-team NEW --- When '-a' option is used, invalid comments are generated 2014-03-03
91571 xorg App/xkbc xorg-team NEW --- xkb set via xkbcomp does not seem to apply to -i <device> (or does not stick if used on general device) 2017-08-26
93550 xorg App/xkbc xorg-team NEW --- XkbSetMap error from xkbcomp 2017-07-20
101846 xorg App/xkbc xorg-team REOP --- xkbcomp-1.4.0 gives useless error messages 2017-07-19
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