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<MostAwesomeDude> Someday all the resentment will pour out in a backlash, resulting in something horrible.<airlied> MostAwesomeDude: we call it X <MostAwesomeDude> airlied: Something *else* horrible. The anti-X. <airlied> MostAwesomeDude: we call that X as well ;-)
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
22586 xorg Lib/ICE xorg-team NEW --- Current /tmp/.ICE-unix handling can lead to local DoS 2011-10-06
49173 xorg Lib/ICE xorg-team NEW --- Use XDG base directory instead of $HOME for .ICEauthority 2017-10-15
83235 xorg Lib/ICE xorg-team NEW --- Accessing freed memory in LibICE version 1.0.9 in file "process.c" at line 1177 ,as the relevant pointer is not assigned NULL after freeing. 2014-10-28
92808 xorg Lib/ICE xorg-team NEW --- libICE : Dereference pointer before NULL check 2015-11-04
92885 xorg Lib/ICE xorg-team NEW --- libICE : Dereferencing a possible NULL pointer in error.c 2015-11-10
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