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<alanc> this is X, we always think backwards - which end is the client again?
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10 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
7637 xorg Lib/Xfon jeremyhu NEW --- missing exported symbols when built w/o freetype 2011-10-02
7832 xorg Lib/Xfon mattst88 NEW --- Font lookup by fontfile is slow on certain patterns. 2012-10-19
22443 xorg Lib/Xfon xorg-team NEW --- X server crash in FontWakeup 2011-10-11
20792 xorg Lib/Xfon xorg-team NEW --- Line spacing too small in GNU Emacs 23.x 2011-09-25
28803 xorg Lib/Xfon xorg-team NEW --- FTPickMapping fails with BadFontFormat on ZapfDingbats.ttf 2011-10-02
71942 xorg Lib/Xfon xorg-team NEW --- X11 leaks memory when XSupportsLocale is used 2013-11-23
73663 xorg Lib/Xfon xorg-team NEW --- Incorrect FontPath may cause null pointer segfault in FontFileListNextFontWithInfo 2014-01-15
101230 xorg Lib/Xfon xorg-team NEW --- font/encodings: Update GB18030 to 2005 version for non-BMP unicode support 2017-05-30
103971 xorg Lib/Xfon xorg-team NEW --- libXfont coverity scan results 2017-11-29
15671 xorg Lib/Xfon xorg-team NEED --- Xorg server segfault in FontFileOpenFont 2011-10-11
10 bugs found.


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