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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2217 xorg Lib/Xft keithp NEW --- vertical layout is wrong 2012-04-25
2715 xorg Lib/Xft keithp NEW --- libxft is calculatint wrong width of CJK fonts 2011-10-10
5345 xorg Lib/Xft keithp NEW --- Xft problem with fonts that have dual width 2011-09-27
6227 xorg Lib/Xft keithp NEW --- Xft should allow XftMaxFreeTypeFiles to be configurable 2011-10-02
8604 xorg Lib/Xft keithp NEW --- Incorrect emulation of Bold style. 2011-10-02
6264 xorg Lib/Xft xorg-team NEW --- use x and y dpi to set aspect ratio of fonts? 2011-10-17
9729 xorg Lib/Xft xorg-team NEW --- is not unloadable, crash in 2011-10-02
35052 xorg Lib/Xft xorg-team NEW --- 100% CPU usage in XftCharIndex 2011-10-06
15994 xorg Lib/Xft xorg-team NEW --- Xft does not have any locking around global data 2011-10-03
47178 xorg Lib/Xft xorg-team NEW --- fonts are all messed up since libXft-2.3.0 2015-05-19
76762 xorg Lib/Xft xorg-team NEW --- new interface method XftFontGlyphChar 2014-03-28
81553 xorg Lib/Xft xorg-team NEW --- Crash when text is drawn using XFT fonts the second time with a new display connection in the same application process 2014-07-20
42345 xorg Lib/Xft xorg-team NEW --- Subpixel hinting does not honor screen orientation 2011-10-31
5745 xorg Lib/Xft jeremyhu ASSI --- Extraneous FcPatternDestroy in XftFontOpenInfo leading to segfault 2012-03-10
5612 xorg Lib/Xft keithp REOP --- Xft hinting with RGBA antialiasing needs to be greatly improved 2011-10-11
15 bugs found.


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