Sun May 20 2018 10:06:44 UTC
[daniels] i think a quake-on-xprint competition could be hilarious. that'd be a real test of skills. 'no fair, I've only got an inkjet, you LPB'
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13 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
19061 xorg Lib/pcia xorg-team NEW --- Bad handling of some ROMs when using sysfs 2011-10-16
45066 xorg Lib/pcia ajax NEW --- 'failed to set mtrr: No space left on device' is printed on some systems during xorg startup 2012-08-12
74643 xorg Lib/pcia xorg-team NEW --- Incorrect format specification 2014-02-07
84325 xorg Lib/pcia xorg-team NEW --- X.Org segfaults when starting DE on an Intel+Radeon laptop, caused by libpciaccess cleanup, patch attached 2014-09-25
94398 xorg Lib/pcia xorg-team NEW --- libpciaccess configure script identifies PGI compilers as GCC 2017-01-31
99127 xorg Lib/pcia xorg-team NEW --- libpciaccess - incompatible with linux after version 4.4 2017-04-04
99197 xorg Lib/pcia xorg-team NEW --- pci_device_get_bridge_info() can not work with multi-function bridge 2016-12-25
101744 xorg Lib/pcia xorg-team NEW --- 32 bit PCI domain limits cause breakage on Azure 2017-07-10
101936 xorg Lib/pcia xorg-team NEW --- Xorg coredump on Fedora 26, affects all desktop managers 2017-07-26
102485 xorg Lib/pcia xorg-team NEW --- latest skype update causes xorg to segfault 2017-09-26
25678 xorg Lib/pcia mcree ASSI --- Mapping video mem on Alpha ev45 (non-BWX) fails 2012-01-09
18160 xorg Lib/pcia xorg-team REOP --- X server lockup in int10 when booting a secondary card 2011-10-16
63583 xorg Lib/pcia xorg-team REOP --- libpciaccess 0.13.1 FreeBSD Patch to fix xorg-server-1.12.4 (and later) 2013-06-18
13 bugs found.


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