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11 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
30362 Telepath rakia mikhail.zabaluev NEW --- Keepalive OPTION requests fail when the SIP providers proxy requires authentication 2010-12-30
12376 Telepath idle telepathy-bugs NEW --- telepathy-idle: ability to use a socks/other proxy 2013-10-10
22065 Telepath haze telepathy-bugs NEW --- Telepathy attempts to use Gnome default proxy to connect to Haze MSN and AIM 2011-11-29
24333 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Call dbus_g_proxy_disconnect_signal() with an "almost-freed" parameter 2009-10-05
25303 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs NEW --- Should wait proxy replies before sending the SOCKS5 init stanza 2009-11-26
26330 Telepath haze telepathy-bugs NEW --- Support proxy configuration via connection parameters 2010-02-09
36347 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Stream tubes tests hit system proxy resolver, if any. 2011-04-18
37892 Telepath libtelep telepathy-bugs NEW --- Crash in tp_proxy_get_object_path at proxy.c:1444 2011-06-03
40803 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- tp_proxy_prepare_async() hangs 2011-09-12
47960 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs NEW --- gabble not using system defined proxy 2012-04-24
76111 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- [next] Make TpProxy subclasses API more coherent 2014-03-14
11 bugs found.


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