Sat Oct 10 2015 18:04:11 UTC
pmladek: On the other hand, it is a bit frustrating, when a bug is repeatedly reopened "only" because of some similar problems that are still there. Then it is like getting rid of a chewing gum from your clothes :-)
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
85147 libbsd libbsd guillem ASSI --- sys/queue.h missing SLIST_SWAP() 2014-10-31
85622 libbsd libbsd guillem ASSI --- manpage reallocarray is missing 2014-10-31
85663 libbsd libbsd guillem ASSI --- closefrom emulation is racy and can miss file descriptors 2015-09-23
85827 libbsd libbsd guillem ASSI --- Use ChaCha20 instead of RC4 in arc4random 2015-09-23
4 bugs found.
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