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Fri Feb 24 2017 08:00:34 UTC
pmladek: On the other hand, it is a bit frustrating, when a bug is repeatedly reopened "only" because of some similar problems that are still there. Then it is like getting rid of a chewing gum from your clothes :-)
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
74914 cairomm General murrayc NEW --- New API in Cairo 1.12 is not wrapped 2014-02-21
30328 cairomm General murrayc NEED --- Missing Pattern::set_filter() method? 2014-01-28
29940 cairomm General murrayc NEW --- Smart pointer for Context::save() 2016-01-28
6895 cairomm General murrayc NEW --- Iterator interface for accessing path data 2013-03-15
99934 cairomm General murrayc NEED --- Help is not available for this item. 05:15:56
99880 cairomm Build murrayc NEW --- Cairomm 1.15.3 Win32surface does not match any in class Mon 19:13
99933 cairomm General murrayc NEW --- Help is not available for this item. 04:51:36
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