Bug 1312

Summary: xscreensaver 4.16 crashes using glx screensavers if the Composite extension is enabled
Product: xorg Reporter: hoarycripple <hoarycripple>
Component: Server/Ext/GLXAssignee: Xorg Project Team <xorg-team>
Severity: normal    
Priority: high CC: s.loeuillet
Version: unspecified   
Hardware: x86 (IA32)   
OS: Linux (All)   
i915 platform: i915 features:

Description hoarycripple 2004-09-08 19:27:24 UTC
If the composite extension is enabled in xorg.conf, xscreensaver crashes while
using any glx screensaver from rss-glx.

Steps to reproduce
1. Enable composite extension in xorg.conf
2. Restart X
3. xscreensaver-demo
4. Choose any glx screensaver eg. Helios and hit preview
5. Expected result is working screensaver.
6. Actual result is that the screensaver segfaults.

System:  x86 Gentoo linux kernel 2.4.25
Graphics card: nvidia geforce3
xscreensaver version:  4.16
rss-glx version: 0.7.6   (http://rss-glx.sf.net)
Comment 1 St├ęphane Loeuillet 2004-09-10 05:48:37 UTC
did you try the same thing with xscreensaver 4.18 ?

if not, do :
cp /usr/portage/x11-misc/xscreensaver/xscreensaver-4.16.ebuild
emerge xscreensaver
opengl-update nvidia
emerge rss-glx

then, retry to launch a GL based screensaver
Comment 2 St├ęphane Loeuillet 2004-09-10 05:50:48 UTC
btw, which xorg version did you use ?

6.7.0, 6.8.0 or a RC like ? (if not 6.8.0, do "emerge sync ;
USE="-dlloader" emerge xorg-x11" before emerging newer xscreensaver)
Comment 3 hoarycripple 2004-09-10 23:40:15 UTC
I'm using xorg 6.8.0 at the moment.
The weird thing is that whenever I try and start a gl screensaver, it fails.
But, I walked away from the computer for a few minutes only to see that it was
actually running!  Then it stopped working again.  I'm going to try
xscreensaver-4.18 right now, and see if that works.

The error that 4.16 gives me follows.  Don't know if that will help.

xscreensaver: 02:38:51: DEMO 235 ClientMessage received.
xscreensaver: 02:38:51: unblanked B: brk grew by 12K.
xscreensaver: 02:38:51: demoing 235 at Sat Sep 11 02:38:51 2004.
xscreensaver: 02:38:51: 0: grabbing keyboard on 0xb7... GrabSuccess.
xscreensaver: 02:38:51: 0: grabbing mouse on 0xb7... GrabSuccess.
xscreensaver: no GL visuals.
xscreensaver: 02:38:51: 0: visual 0xb5 (TrueColor,   depth: 32, cmap: 256)
xscreensaver: 02:38:51: 0: saver window is 0x1600006.
xscreensaver: 02:38:51: 0: destroyed old saver window 0x1600001.
xscreensaver: 02:38:51: 0: spawning "matrixview -r" in pid 29821.
xscreensaver: 02:38:51: 0: child pid 29821 (matrixview) terminated with SIGSEGV.
xscreensaver: 02:38:58: unblanking screen at Sat Sep 11 02:38:58 2004.
xscreensaver: 02:38:59: 0: ungrabbing mouse (was 0xb7).
xscreensaver: 02:38:59: 0: ungrabbing keyboard (was 0xb7).
xscreensaver: 02:38:59: error: XF86MiscSetGrabKeysState(1) returned

(In reply to comment #2)
> btw, which xorg version did you use ?
> 6.7.0, 6.8.0 or a RC like ? (if not 6.8.0, do "emerge sync ;
> USE="-dlloader" emerge xorg-x11" before emerging newer xscreensaver)

Comment 4 hoarycripple 2004-09-11 00:02:16 UTC
Well, this turned out to be a xscreensaver problem and not an xorg problem. 
xscreensaver was not using glx at compile time, and i had to manually put in
--with-gl in the configure.  Anyway, it works properly with xscreensaver-4.18 

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