Bug 93229

Summary: remove or deprecate PopplerOrientation
Product: poppler Reporter: Hib Eris <hib>
Component: glib frontendAssignee: poppler-bugs <poppler-bugs>
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Priority: medium CC: hib, teuf
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Attachments: [glib] Remove enum PopplerOrientation from API
[glib] Deprecate PopplerOrientation

Description Hib Eris 2015-12-03 15:29:34 UTC
While reading Poppler's glib documentation, I noticed that the enum PopplerOrientation is part of the glib API, but has no function at all.

Digging deeper, I found that this enum should have been removed long time ago with 1aad886c6c19a964a3fc9e18f31acc8e115478e0 . In fact, PopplerOrientation has never been a useful part of the API of a released poppler version.

Thus, I would like to propose to remove it from the API.

Alternatively, in case you want to keep it anyway in order to not break this (useless and unused) API, I would suggest to mark the enum as deprecated.

I will attach patches to do either.
Comment 1 Hib Eris 2015-12-03 15:31:40 UTC
Created attachment 120303 [details] [review]
[glib] Remove enum PopplerOrientation from API

This should have been removed long time ago with 1aad886c6c19a964a3fc9e18f31acc8e115478e0
Comment 2 Hib Eris 2015-12-03 15:33:33 UTC
Created attachment 120304 [details] [review]
[glib] Deprecate PopplerOrientation

This should have been removed long time ago with 1aad886c6c19a964a3fc9e18f31acc8e115478e0
Comment 3 Carlos Garcia Campos 2015-12-03 15:39:10 UTC
Let's remove it then, it's not actually an api break since it's unused. Thanks
Comment 4 Christophe Fergeau 2016-04-28 08:51:43 UTC
This unfortunately breaks both ABI and API for pypoppler. PopplerOrientation was defined in poppler.h, which is passed to glib-mkenums in order to generate the public header poppler-enums.h, and the diff for this header before/after this commit is:

--- poppler-enums.h     2016-04-28 10:46:57.709931818 +0200
+++ glib/poppler-enums.h        2016-04-28 10:46:58.790928198 +0200
@@ -92,6 +92,8 @@
 /* enumerations from "poppler.h" */
 GType poppler_error_get_type (void) G_GNUC_CONST;
 #define POPPLER_TYPE_ERROR (poppler_error_get_type ())
+GType poppler_orientation_get_type (void) G_GNUC_CONST;
+#define POPPLER_TYPE_ORIENTATION (poppler_orientation_get_type ())
 GType poppler_page_transition_type_get_type (void) G_GNUC_CONST;
 #define POPPLER_TYPE_PAGE_TRANSITION_TYPE (poppler_page_transition_type_get_type ())
 GType poppler_page_transition_alignment_get_type (void) G_GNUC_CONST;

ABI break is https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1323497

Error: Could not import pdfshuffler
Cause: /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/poppler.so: undefined symbol: poppler_orientation_get_type

API break is https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1307888

poppler.c: In function 'py_poppler_add_constants':
poppler.c:4628:53: error: 'POPPLER_TYPE_ORIENTATION' undeclared (first use in this function)
   pyg_enum_add(module, "Orientation", strip_prefix, POPPLER_TYPE_ORIENTATION);
poppler.c:4628:53: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in
Makefile:430: recipe for target 'poppler_la-poppler.lo' failed

I'll look at patching pypoppler, but these changes on poppler-glib side were unexpected ;)
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