Bug 108501 - XACE/XSEL XEXT: DRI3 clients need to read all x drawables
Summary: XACE/XSEL XEXT: DRI3 clients need to read all x drawables
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Reported: 2018-10-19 17:58 UTC by dac.override
Modified: 2018-12-13 22:41 UTC (History)
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Description dac.override 2018-10-19 17:58:51 UTC
X clients that use DRI3 need have access to all xdrawables. This is not feasible because that would allow these clients to capture drawables of other X clients (do screenscraping)

XACE can be used to enforce fine-grained mandatory access control. If you disable any DRI3 user access to the root xdrawables, it will freeze the root xdrawable:

avc:  denied  { read } for request=DRI3:Open comm=/app/extra/vscode/code --type=gpu-process --disable-features=Co resid=155 restype=WINDOW scontext=wheel.id:wheel.role:flatpak.container.wheel.subj:s0 tcontext=wheel.id:object_r:xserver.root_xdrawable.xdrawable:s0 tclass=x_drawable permissive=0

In the example above a process "/app/extra/vscode/code" was requesting "DRI3:Open" , and this caused it to "read" the xserver root x_drawable. Without this access, this event would cause this x_drawable to freeze (and since that is the root xdrawable, basically your screen is frozen)

To reproduce this event just block access to the root x_drawable for any DRI3 process.

To make this easier to reproduce I have a Fedora Rawhide liveCD available that has a policy (almost ready to test). Be aware that this issue cannot reproduced on QEMU/QXL as that does not support DRI3 (supposedly).

URL to livecd to test:



Boot the liveCD (make sure you have enough memory allocated
Log in with: liveuser (no password)
sudo setsebool xserver_object_manager on (enable XACE)
sudo setsebool xserver.xace.enable_dri3_xextension off (turn off the boolean with bad access control rule that allows DRI3 user to read arbitrary xdrawables)
sudo semodule -DB (make selinux verbose)
sudo cat > mytest.cil <<EOF
(in xserver (call dri3_xextension.query_xextension (xace.client_subj_type_attribute))
(call dri3_xextension.use_xextension (xace.client_subj_type_attribute)))
sudo semodule -i mytest.cil
Above allows the subject to query and use the dri3 xextension
startx /usr/bin/awesome (start awesomewm)
SUPER+ENTER to open xterm
sudo dnf install rpm-plugin-selinux (this needs to be installed first, was a bug in rawhide at the time of livecd image compilation)
sudo dnf install flatpak (install flatpak because that is what is contained using XACE)
flatpak --user remote-add flathub --from https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo (install the flathub repository)
flatpak --user install flathub com.visualstudio.code (this app is knows to use DRI3)
flatpak --user run com.visualstudio.code (not how this freezes your root xdrawable)
CTRL+ALT+F2 (turn to TTY)
journalctl -rb --grep denied | grep -i DRI3 (notice the AVC denial mentioned above

To see the rules associated with the xserver.xace.allow_dri3_xextension:
sesearch -A -b xserver.xace.allow_dri3_xextension

To confirm that it does work if it has access to xdrawables simple toggle the boolean to on and try again.

Video demo on YouTube using QEMU/QXL (so was unable to reproduce issue there but might give some pointers as to how to try this out)


Policy used:


Theres also a few other issues with XACE that are visible in this procedure:

Rootless Xserver tries to log to privileged audit but is not allowed due to missing CAP_AUDIT_WRITE
Comment 1 Uli Schlachter 2018-10-20 07:43:43 UTC
So, I tried to find the piece of code that does this access. I ended up here:


This looks up the passed-in drawable via dixLookupDrawable() with DixReadAccess. I guess this is where the XACE check is done.

The following code only uses the provided drawable to select a screen (it only uses 'drawable->pScreen' and no other members of drawable). Thus, I would guess that a client could just create a new window, then use that in DRI3Open and would then gain the same kind of access than what XACE is preventing here. (But I am not sure what kind of access that would be.)
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