Bug 25491 - d-bus files are installed to the wrong location, breaking d-bus browsing
Summary: d-bus files are installed to the wrong location, breaking d-bus browsing
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Product: at-spi2
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Assignee: Mark Doffman
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Reported: 2009-12-07 09:52 UTC by Sandy Armstrong
Modified: 2010-07-20 07:28 UTC (History)
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Description Sandy Armstrong 2009-12-07 09:52:04 UTC
With latest at-spi2 git, app buses are not browsable in d-feet.  I don't know if a11y is also broken, or if it's just introspection stuff.

1. Install at-spi2-core, at-spi2-atk, and pyatspi2 from git like so:

./autogen.sh --prefix=/home/sandy/stage/at-spi2 && make && make install

2. Start at-spi2-registryd like so:

$ ~/stage/at-spi2/libexec/at-spi2-registryd &

3. Start gcalctool like so:

$ gcalctool --gtk-module=gail:/home/sandy/stage/at-spi2/lib/gtk-2.0/modules/libatk-bridge.so

4. Using D-feet or another d-bus browser, locate the bus for gcalctool and click on it.

Expected result:

See at-spi2 d-bus interfaces

Actual result:

Nothing in d-feet, and the following output in the terminal where gcalctool was launched:

** (gcalctool:14377): WARNING **: AT-SPI: Cannot find introspection XML file /home/sandy/stage/at-spi2/share/at-spi2-atk/dbus/org.freedesktop.atspi.Accessible - Failed to open file '/home/sandy/stage/at-spi2/share/at-spi2-atk/dbus/org.freedesktop.atspi.Accessible': No such file or directory

(this is repeated for each inteface file, it seems)

The fix is trivial:

$ mv ~/stage/at-spi2/share/at-spi2-core ~/stage/at-spi2/share/at-spi2-atk

But I haven't actually looked at which module installs those files, or what a proper fix would look like.
Comment 1 Mark Doffman 2009-12-11 05:56:13 UTC
The XML files are installed by the at-spi2-core package. They have to be in a location readable by at-spi2-atk. There is a compile time option in the at-spi2-atk package to set the location of the XML files relative to the pkgdatadir.

This implies that for introspection to work at-spi2-atk and at-spi2-core must be installed into the same directory tree (prefix).

This seems to me to be acceptable. For any normal install both packages will be installed to the same path.

A possible fix is to have an override-able compile time option that sets the absolute path of the introspection directory.
Comment 2 Sandy Armstrong 2009-12-11 06:59:55 UTC
(In reply to comment #1)
> This implies that for introspection to work at-spi2-atk and at-spi2-core must
> be installed into the same directory tree (prefix).

Yes, and I installed them both in the same prefix of /home/sandy/stage/at-spi2 .  Either you've misunderstood the report or I'm misunderstanding your response.  :-)

I'm installing everything to the same prefix, using default compilation options, and getting these introspection errors.

My lame fix is to rename a directory in $prefix/share.

So this is broken by default, not due to some exotic setup.  I should try installing to /usr or /usr/local, though, and see if there's any difference.
Comment 3 Mark Doffman 2009-12-17 08:21:12 UTC
I misunderstood your report.

I have moved the XML to the datarootdir so that they are not installed under a module name directory but under $(datarootdir)/at-spi2/

The commits are:

at-spi2-atk : 1f0796cafdfd6a1856ee7aeb61142e55c3f5d16f
at-spi2-core: 2061c1c44e48edd8bd9fc5f92a9328501be4be9b

d-feet is still not working.

This is because d-feet requires that there is an object at '/' that responds to the org.freedesktop.Introspectable:Introspect method.

We need to add this object and have it return a blank introspection XML.
Comment 4 Mark Doffman 2010-01-24 08:43:07 UTC
The '/' path needs to be available for introspection for D-feet to work. Need to add registration of the '/' path to D-Route.
Comment 5 Mike Gorse 2010-07-20 07:28:43 UTC
libdbus seems to automatically implement Introspect for paths that are not explicitly registered (ie, / returns a child node of "org", /org returns a child node of "a11y", etc).  /org/a11y/atspi/accessible was giving the wrong output, however, since it is registered with droute and so was not automatically handled.  I've fied this in the latest commit, so I am going to mark this fixed.  I've debated whether to add the whole cache as children of /org/a11y/accessible; so far I have not done this, but I don't think that it would be difficult to do if people think it desirable.

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