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29 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
66232 LibreOff Libreoff timar74 REOP --- FILEOPEN: cannot open .odt files by clicking on a hyperlink in IE 2014-11-30
35320 LibreOff Writer a.alharthi REOP --- Editing : Justified problem in arabic 2015-01-22
87199 LibreOff Writer mst.fdo REOP --- [a11y] merging cells crashes writer 2014-12-19
59329 LibreOff UI a.alharthi REOP --- UI: docked panels (like navigator or styles) looks inconsistent with other borders 2014-09-11
50572 LibreOff Spreadsh andrey REOP --- [EDITING]: bug with clipboard: after copying thousands of lines, and closing LO, process keeps running at 100% CPU 2015-01-22
52020 LibreOff Libreoff caolanm REOP --- : ICU breakiterator not working with Khmer and Hunspell 2013-11-28
55469 LibreOff Writer dr.khaled.hosny REOP --- math fonts have wrong line spacing 2014-10-30
82418 LibreOff Spreadsh dtardon REOP --- FILEOPEN: CSV (Text) Import defaults to UTF-16 resulting in garbled text and can freeze LibreOffice 2014-12-27
66088 LibreOff Formula REOP --- Many mathematical symbols are incorrectly exported as <mo> operators 2013-07-03
43021 LibreOff BASIC jesus REOP --- Macros: FilePicker method setDisplayDirectory shows wrong folder with native dialog Win 7 (64-bit) 2014-07-22
68341 LibreOff Database jumbo4444 REOP --- pilot class for MySQL should ignore spaces at begining and and of the class name 2015-01-03
34016 LibreOff UI l.lunak REOP --- Keyboard not working with ibus when using KDE4 integration 2015-01-15
74244 LibreOff Installa lohmaier REOP --- OSX LibreOffice.App Version is incorrect on RELEASE through RC1, let's make that consistent with the "About" window 2014-11-06
45618 LibreOff Presenta markus.mohrhard REOP --- Implement 3d slideshow transition framework also for windows 2015-01-22
39632 LibreOff Installa matm REOP --- Consolidate GetMsiProperty() 2013-10-04
73596 LibreOff Writer nikhil.walvekar REOP --- FILEOPEN: docx Index field not get imported and hence get lost while saving 2014-04-17
60534 LibreOff graphics patidar REOP --- Brackets (..),{..},[..] inverted to )..(,}..{,]..[ when switch to RTL text direction with Graphite fonts only. ( Affect :all Libo applications). 2013-04-09
84295 LibreOff Writer philipz85 REOP --- CONTEXT MENU: Improving the 'Style' submenu 2014-12-09
86472 LibreOff UI philipz85 REOP --- Borders overlay widget barely readable with dark themes 2014-12-03
33697 LibreOff UI sbergman REOP --- Unable to choose proxy type "system" [UI] 2014-11-10
88069 LibreOff Localiza timar74 REOP --- Untranslatable string "Fax" in File - Wizards - Fax dialog 2015-01-10
61010 LibreOff Libreoff tlillqvist REOP --- mdimporter is no good for Mountain Lion 2014-03-18
85895 LibreOff Spreadsh REOP --- FILESAVE, FILEOPEN, FORMATTING: Conditional formatting lost after copying sheet, then saving/reopening file 2015-01-19
73552 LibreOff Spreadsh voilavoila28 REOP --- Set name of CSV import sheet to something friendly 2014-12-03
86671 LibreOff UI fitojb REOP --- MAILMERGE: File-Print dialog changed - Yes-No reversed 2014-12-24
62879 LibreOff Writer REOP --- UI: Section write protection error message is confusing 2014-12-09
43090 LibreOff Formula REOP --- Auto Closing / Highlighting of brackets 2014-10-18
74064 LibreOff Libreoff rachitgupta1792 REOP --- File Name detection with "File save as" should be last Period, not first Period (Linux only) 2014-03-22
46200 LibreOff Spreadsh amilastbmmv REOP --- [RFE] Use the Scroll Lock key as a toggling lock key like Excel 2014-09-10
29 bugs found.


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