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Androgenizer: a tool for generating build files to assist in porting libtoolized libraries to Android
Beignet: Beignet, an OpenCL implementation for Intel hardware.
Bustle: A D-Bus activity monitor inexplicably written in Haskell
ConsoleKit: Track users, logins, sessions, and seats
DRI: Direct Rendering Infrastructure. If you are trying to file a bug and do not see an appropriate component here, file it at instead (use misc by default).
Debrix: Modular X Server Build
DejaVu: Font library with near-universal glyph coverage
Farstream: Farstream streaming media library
FriBidi: A free library implementing the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (also known as Bidi)
GLU3: Utility library targeting OpenGL 3.x
GStreamer SDK: SDK for GStreamer and related software
GTK-Qt Engine: Integration of GTK and Qt themes
Galago: Desktop-neutral presence system.
GeoClue: Location framework
Gypsy: GPS multiplexing daemon with a DBus interface
HarfBuzz: Common OpenType Layout engine for Qt and Pango (and others perhaps)
Hieroglyph: Hieroglyph PostScript rendering library
ITS Tool: Translate XML with PO files using rules from the W3C ITS
Icon theme: Base icon theme
LDTP: The Linux Desktop Testing Project
LTSP: Linux Terminal Server Project
LibVA SDK: LibVA SDK is a suite of libraries that rely on VA-API (libVA) to expose hardware accelerated decoding, encoding and video processing to applications.
LibreOffice: LibreOffice office suite -, and related tools.
MPRIS: Media Player Remote Interfacing Specification for D-Bus
Mesa: Open source 3D drivers and implementation of the OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, OpenCL, XvMC, VDPAU, VA-API and OpenMax specifications.
ModemManager: ModemManager is a DBus system service which provides a unified high level API for communicating with mobile broadband modems, regardless of the protocol used to communicate with the actual device (Generic AT, vendor-specific AT, QCDM, QMI, MBIM...).
OHM: Open Hardware Manager
OpenRaster: The OpenRaster file format
Orc: Orc Runtime Compiler
PackageKit: Package management service
PolicyKit: PolicyKit is a framework for defining policy for system-wide components and for desktop pieces to configure it. It is used by HAL.
Portland: The Portland desktop integration project, including DAPI & xdg-utils
PulseAudio: Bugs in the PulseAudio sound server, modules and related tools
PyXDG: Python bindings for various XDG standards.
Rarian: Documentation metadata library
STSF: Standard Type Services Framework
Scratchbox 2: Scratchbox version 2 (not version 1) cross-compilation environment
Spam: Reassign any spam bugs to this product, at which point it will magically disappear.
Specifications: Freedesktop Specifications
Spice: a complete open source solution for interaction with virtualized desktop devices
SyncEvolution: PIM Data Synchronization
Telepathy: D-Bus protocol for distributed VOIP/IM applications
UIM: Universal Input Method
Wayland: A new display server architecture
Wocky: GIO style Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol library
X.Org Foundation: Outstanding problems and issues for the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors. integration tests: Xorg integration tests
XCB: X C Binding
XQuartz: XQuartz is a distribution of various and related projects (, XCB, mesa, cairo, etc) for OS X, including the X11 server DDX of the same name.
XStandards: Specifications of the X Window System. Documents can have bugs as well as code.
Xtests: Test Suites and adhoc test for the X Window System
Ytstenut: Set of extensions to XMPP and link-local XMPP to allow real-time inter-device communication.
Zeitgeist: Zeitgeist is a service which logs the users’ activities and events, anywhere from files opened to websites visited and conversations had.
accountsservice: D-Bus interfaces for querying and manipulating user account information
apoc: APOC (which stands for A Point Of Control) is a set of components that enables system administrator to create and deploy configuration profiles in a centralized fashion among large scale desktop deployments.
at-spi2: Accessibility framework; bugs are on
avahi: a multicast dns network service discovery library
burn: Generic CD burning library
cairo: The cairo graphics library:
cairo-java: Java bindings to the cairo API
cairomm: C++ bindings for Cairo
ccss: Cairo CSS Drawing Library
colord: system activated daemon that maps devices to color profiles
create: Collaboration space between products.
cups-pk-helper: PolicyKit helper to configure cups with fine-grained privileges
dbus: D-Bus IPC system,
desktop-file-utils: Utilities for desktop files.
dolt: A high-performance drop-in libtool replacement
epoxy: OpenGL, GLES and EGL abstraction library. This product is dead in bz, please see
evemu: Kernel input device emulation
evtest: evtest displays information on the input device specified on the command line, including all the events supported by the device. It then monitors the device and displays all the events layer events generated.
exempi: An XMP implementation released under the BSD license and based on Adobe XMP SDK released under the same license. It is usefull for software that implement metadata, like desktop search, file browser, etc. as well as digital photography software.
fontconfig: Font configuration and customization library Account creation, website, mailing lists, and other administration bits.
freedrtools: a selection of patches to cdrecord mainline
freetype: This if to track FreeType bugs that were originally reported in fd.o bugzilla. The canonical FreeType bug tracker is at Please do not report new bugs against this product.
ghns: ghns
gstreamer: This product is ONLY for account requests for GStreamer. Any bug report on GStreamer should go to Streaming Multimedia framework.
guile-cairo: Guile bindings for the Cairo graphics library
hal: Hardware Abstraction Layer
kmscon: Linux KMS/DRM based system console
libasyncns: Asynchronous name-resolving library
libatasmart: A small and lightweight parser library for ATA S.M.A.R.T. hard disk health monitoring.
libbacklight: Linux backlight interface
libbsd: Compatibility routines for BSD programs
libcanberra: Sound event library
libdlo: DisplayLink LGPL Library
libevdev: Common library for handling input devices under Linux
libfprint: Library and service to enable access to fingerprint readers
libjpeg: JPEG graphics library
libmbim: MBIM modem protocol helper library
libminidump: Minidump and Minicore Generator Library
liboil: Library of Optimized Inner Loops
libopenraw: RAW file manipulation library
libqmi: QMI modem protocol helper library
libspectre: libspectre is a small library for rendering Postscript documents.
libstartup-notification: library for program launch feedback
libva: Hardware accelerated video decode library.
libxkbcommon: A library to parse XKB keyboard layouts
libxklavier: XKLaiver bugs
media-player-info: Identification and format capabilities for media players
migration: Temporary test for migration scripts
nice: Interactive Connectivity Establishment (IETF draft standard)
nickle: Nickle programming language implementation The Open Clip Art Library
openfontlibrary: The Open Font Library
p11-glue: PKCS#11 crypto implementation
papyon: MSN client library written in Python
piglit: OpenGL testing framework
pixman: Pixel manipulation library. Derived from the X server fb code. Provides software fallbacks for both cairo and the X server.
pkg-config: Holds package configuration data (paths, dependent libraries, etc) for build-time assistance.
plymouth: Shiny boot.
pm-utils: Power Management Utilities
poppler: PDF rendering library based on the xpdf code base.
pycairo: Python bindings for the cairo graphics library
python-geoclue: python module for geoclue
realmd: a dbus system service that manages discovery and enrollment in realms/domains like Active Directory or IPA.
roadster: Cairo-based GPS and mapping software
scim: Smart Common Input Method platform, in short SCIM, is a development platform to make Input Method developers live easier. It has very clear architecture and very simple programming interface.
shared-desktop-ontologies: shared-desktop-ontologies contains the RDF ontologies used in semantic desktop applications on modern desktops including KDE and Gnome.
shared-mime-info: Mime database shared by desktops
swfdec: gstreamer-based flash decoding library
system-tools-backends: Set of cross-platform configuration modules for Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and other Unix systems.
systemd: System and Session Manager [now moved to]
tango: The Tango Project
tinderbox: runs a tinderbox for continuous build testing, and this product is for problems with tinderbox, as run on fd.o.
uchardet: Uchardet is an encoding detector library, which takes a sequence of bytes in an unknown character encoding and attempts to determine the encoding of the text. Returned encoding names are iconv-compatible.
udisks: Framework for querying and manipulating storage devices. Please include the information requested at in the bug report.
upower: abstraction for enumerating power devices, listening to device events and querying history and statistics.
xdg-app: Deployment and sandboxing framework for desktop applications
xdg-sound-theme: Reference Sound Theme Implementation for the XDG Sound Theming Spec
xdg-user-dirs: xdg-user-dirs
xdgmime: Reference implementation of the Freedesktop MIME spec.
xesam: A Unified specification for desktop search
xkeyboard-config: Keyboard layouts and configuration: see for information on contributing.
xorg: X.Org X11 Distribution. If you are trying to file a bug and do not see an appropriate component here, file it at instead.
xprint: DEPRECATED - unused: The X11 print system

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