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[daniels] fixing this is all part of the grand plan which will totally happen any day now
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98 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
101518 DRI IGT dri-devel NEW --- [BAT][SKL] WARNING: no modes for connector 48 when running igt@kms_setmode@basic-clone-single-crtc Wed 09:32
101517 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs NEW --- [BAT][BYT,BSW] WARN_ON(dev_priv->uncore.funcs.mmio_readl(dev_priv, (((const i915_reg_t){ .reg = (0x180000 + 0x650C) })), true) & (1 << 27)) Wed 07:55
101515 DRI DRM/Inte manasi.d.navare NEW --- [BAT][SKL] *ERROR* Failed to get link status Wed 06:26
101519 DRI DRM/Inte manasi.d.navare NEW --- [BAT][SKL] failed assertion in igt@kms_sink_crc_basic in ioctl_wrappers.c:591 Thu 06:30
101473 DRI DRM/AMDg dri-devel NEW --- (SI) latest stable & cant boot - Invalid PCI ROM header structure: expecting 0xaa55, got 0x0000 2017-06-16
101516 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs NEW --- [BAT][BYT] WARN intel_uncore.c:792 __unclaimed_reg_debug (reg 0x18650c) Tue 16:14
101503 piglit infrastr baker.dylan.c NEW --- Piglit exits with "invalid literal for int() with base 10: '19225.json" 22:06:52
101527 cairo general chris NEW --- NULL pointer dereference in cairo-bentley-ottmann-rectangular.c:558 Tue 18:11
101530 cairo general chris NEW --- Attempting free on address which was not malloc() in cairo-clip.c:137 Tue 21:04
101531 cairo general chris NEW --- NULL pointer dereference in cairo-polygon-intersect.c:1170 Tue 21:26
101547 cairo general chris NEW --- Heap buffer overflow at cairo-truetype-subset.c Wed 18:41
101550 cairo general chris NEW --- Infinite recursion at cairo-mesh-pattern-rasterizer.c:848 Thu 09:00
101481 dbus core dbus NEW --- Memory leak on error reply path in _dbus_connection_block_pending_call() Wed 12:33
101563 dbus core dbus NEW --- Add message ordering guarantees to the D-Bus specification 12:31:01
101496 a big fr /dev/nul devnull NEW --- Printer Support Mon 11:57
101536 a big fr /dev/nul devnull NEW --- it is a life saving app Wed 12:38
101537 a big fr /dev/nul devnull NEW --- declaration date is getting wrong Wed 12:50
101475 Mesa Drivers/ dri-devel NEW --- Max Core Profile for OpenGL showing 0.0 Sun 09:41
101483 DRI DRM/AMDg dri-devel NEW --- A10-8780P (Carrizo) + R7 M260/M265 does not boot without any "workaround" parameter. Sat 16:41
101484 Mesa Drivers/ dri-devel NEW --- [bisected, SI] Steam fails to render content Tue 06:11
101491 DRI DRM/Rade dri-devel NEW --- Can't wake up the dedicated graphics card unless power management is disabled Mon 16:55
101499 DRI DRM/AMDg dri-devel NEW --- Black screen when detaching HDMI cable (AMD A10-9620P) Thu 09:00
101528 DRI DRM/AMDg dri-devel NEW --- RX460 Memory clock stays high until card is "used" Tue 18:58
101561 Mesa Drivers/ dri-devel NEW --- [bisected] [llvm] Blue color shift on videos in MPV when using vo=opengl[-hq] 12:05:11
101554 fontconf doc fontconfig-bugs NEW --- executes host arch edit-sgml during cross compilation Thu 07:55
101476 Mesa Drivers/ intel-3d-bugs NEW --- [snb] GPU hang in gnome-shell 2017-06-17
101480 Mesa Drivers/ intel-3d-bugs NEW --- [SKL]GPU HANG: ecode 9:0:0x85dffffb, in blender [1244] Sat 14:46
101482 Mesa Drivers/ intel-3d-bugs NEW --- GPU HANG: ecode 9:0:0x86dffffd, in chrome [2055], reason: Hang on render ring, action: reset Sat 14:44
101533 Mesa Drivers/ intel-3d-bugs NEW --- [SKL] drm/i915: Resetting chip after gpu hang with webgl Wed 09:09
101560 Mesa Drivers/ intel-3d-bugs NEW --- SPIR-V OpSwitch with int64 not supported even though shaderInt64 is true 00:22:25
101562 Mesa Drivers/ intel-3d-bugs NEW --- Fetching from imageBuffer creates very poor GEN assembly 07:30:47
101564 Mesa Drivers/ intel-3d-bugs NEW --- mesa-noglvnd undefined reference to `drmGetDevices2' 12:27:57
101506 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs NEW --- [HSW] desktop gets laggy while prime offloading Thu 14:13
101534 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs NEW --- [HSW] NULL pointer dereference in intel_fbdev_invalidate Thu 15:53
101558 Mesa Drivers/ kenneth NEW --- [regression][bisected] MPV playing video via opengl "randomly" results in only part of the window / screen being rendered with Mesa GIT. 00:54:54
101529 accounts general mclasen NEW --- asdftghujklo;pdfghjkl;' Tue 20:06
101467 Mesa Drivers/ mesa-dev NEW --- swr driver leaks memory (texture management) 2017-06-16
101486 Mesa Drivers/ mesa-dev NEW --- TAHITI XT hangs once "dota2 -vulkan" dashboard is loaded Sat 20:31
101498 Mesa Drivers/ mesa-dev NEW --- Graphical glitches when updating window content on screen Mon 18:58
101556 Mesa Mesa cor mesa-dev NEW --- [llvmpipe] crashes when GL context is created and a previous context was shared Thu 09:38
101495 ModemMan general modemmanager NEW --- Qualcomm MQC700 modem support Mon 11:07
101559 xorg Driver/n nouveau NEW --- Displays fail to wake up when booting machine away from Display Port KVM switch Thu 17:42
101542 Telepath tp-farst olivier.crete NEW --- set controlling to a value reflecting who initiated the connection Wed 19:29
101470 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer NEW --- syndaemon attaches to wrong touchpad 23:24:42
101507 xorg Input/li peter.hutterer NEW --- Lack of configuration option to switch stylus from absolute motion to relative Tue 00:38
101490 pkg-conf src pkg-config NEW --- Port to Meson Sun 19:03
101501 poppler general poppler-bugs NEW --- Reading outside bounds at Mon 21:53
101504 poppler cairo ba poppler-bugs NEW --- NULL pointer dereference in Mon 21:54
101551 poppler general poppler-bugs NEW --- Stack exhaustion in Wed 22:22
101497 PulseAud core pulseaudio-bugs NEW --- PulseAudio 10 crashes immediately when needed (dummy output): Assertion 'pthread_mutex_unlock(&m->mutex) == 0 Tue 14:58
101520 plymouth general rstrode NEW --- Plymouth corrupted on reboot / poweroff 13:43:00
101509 freedesk Version sitewranglers NEW --- GStreamer/orc and other GIT repository configuration broken Tue 06:29
101510 UIM IM: Othe uim-bugs NEW --- xchdgsd Tue 06:43
101472 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- compositor-fbdev: Added parameter --pixman-type Tue 07:35
101477 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Drag surfaces coordinates don't follow window position 2017-06-17
101489 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Gtk.Window loses focus when clicking a Gtk.Popover Sun 18:31
101521 xkeyboar General xkb NEW --- Map KEY_KEYBOARD to XF86Keyboard Wed 17:18
101485 Beignet Beignet zhigang.gong NEW --- Compiling Darktable kernel leads to segfault Sat 20:02
101543 libbsd libbsd guillem ASSI --- libbsd 0.8.4 tarball lacks new man page man/libbsd.7 Thu 03:01
101545 libbsd libbsd guillem ASSI --- libbsd 0.8.4 move of man pages to section 3bsd incomplete? Thu 03:09
101511 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs RESO FIXE [BAT][BYT] igt@gem_exec_reloc@basic-cpu-gtt-active generated a general protection fault Tue 20:13
101487 ITS Tool general shaunm RESO INVA wrong validation message is displayed upon filling a value with less than 24 digits, and filling an invalid IBAN Sun 08:26
101532 xkeyboar General asdofindia RESO FIXE please revert the commit which moved Indian Keyboard layouts to base.extras Thu 10:37
101478 DRI DRM/AMDg dri-devel RESO NOTA Display not working after a certain commit Mon 03:39
101479 Mesa Drivers/ dri-devel RESO FIXE shader display problems Unreal 4 Engine Sun 09:42
101492 DRI DRM/AMDg dri-devel RESO WONT Git repo ~agd5f/linux has problem: badTimezone: invalid author/committer line - bad time zone Mon 19:48
101512 Mesa Drivers/ dri-devel RESO NOTA Crash on Enlightenment with forked child Tue 08:36
101514 fontconf library fontconfig-bugs RESO DUPL fontconfig build problem on FC_GPERF_SIZE_T=size_t systems Tue 12:18
101546 fontconf library fontconfig-bugs RESO DUPL What versions require gperf to install? Thu 15:44
101535 Mesa Drivers/ intel-3d-bugs RESO FIXE [bisected] [Skylake] Kwin won't start and glxgears coredumps Wed 18:26
101539 Mesa Drivers/ intel-3d-bugs RESO FIXE [Regresion] [IVB] Segment fault in recent commit in intel_miptree_level_has_hiz under Ivy bridge Wed 18:25
101469 XQuartz Other jeremyhu RESO NOTA MacOS High Sierra 2017-06-16
101508 ConsoleK PAM modu martin.pitt RESO INVA submit button not functions properly Tue 05:25
101471 Mesa Mesa cor mesa-dev RESO FIXE Mesa fails to build: unknown typename bool 2017-06-17
101552 Mesa Mesa cor mesa-dev RESO INVA Make GALLIUM_HUD lower the grid max value if metric stays much lower all the time Thu 02:39
101553 xorg Driver/n nouveau RESO DUPL [GP107] failed to create kernel channel, -22 Thu 15:00
101544 Farstrea Core olivier.crete RESO FIXE rtpconf: Move link flags to convenince library Wed 19:45
101500 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE Division by 0 at and Mon 21:19
101502 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE Uninitialized memory read in Mon 21:35
101505 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE NULL pointer dereference in GooString.h:121 Mon 21:45
101523 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE NULL pointer dereference in Tue 21:38
101524 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE NULL pointer dereference at Tue 21:43
101525 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE NULL pointer dereference in Tue 21:51
101526 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE Division by zero in Tue 22:02
101540 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE Stack buffer overflow in, CVE-2017-9775 Wed 17:48
101541 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO FIXE Integer overflow leading to heap overflow in, CVE-2017-9776 21:55:16
101548 poppler general poppler-bugs RESO INVA Stack exhaustion crashes Wed 21:20
101488 shared-m freedesk shared_mime_info RESO NOTO shared-mime-info-1.8 causes all browsers to stop opening .swf files Tue 09:46
101493 freedesk Administ sitewranglers RESO INVA Solve the bug developer Mon 07:43
101494 freedesk Bugzilla sitewranglers RESO INVA test hilay Mon 07:45
101557 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs RESO FIXE libinput fails to compile on systems without restorecon 02:47:18
101538 Mesa Drivers/ topi.pohjolainen VERI FIXE From "Use isl for hiz layouts" commit onwards, everything crashes with Mesa Thu 08:19
101474 Wayland libinput peter.hutterer CLOS FIXE [PATCH] doc: Fix mistake in Matrix example to relect only X along Y axis Tue 14:41
101513 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs NEED --- [SKL] Hang on render ring Tue 15:58
101522 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs NEED --- [bsw] lite-restore failed on vcs Thu 15:51
101555 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs NEED --- [IGT] [SKL/BDW/IVB/SND] Regression igt@kms_pwrite_crc fail extended list Thu 14:44
101549 libfprin fprintd libfprint-bugs NEED --- fprintd PAM module ignores SIGINT Thu 00:32
101468 poppler general poppler-bugs NEED --- pdftotext -bbox width and height does not consider layout Mon 07:10
98 bugs found.


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