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17 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
100678 xorg Driver/o kevinbrace NEW --- OpenChrome V0.6 shows garbled graphics when switching to tty consoles 2019-01-11
101395 xorg Driver/o kevinbrace NEW --- Color banding with OpenChrome driver V0.6.133 2017-06-25
104438 xorg Driver/o kevinbrace NEW --- Many regressions for K8M800 on Acer Aspire 1362LC 2018-01-14
106298 xorg Driver/o kevinbrace NEW --- Everex NC 1502NC P4M900 2018-07-23
107412 xorg Driver/o kevinbrace NEW --- HPmini 2133 wrong resolution on openchrome v0.6 (1024x768 instead of 1024x600) Sun 07:22
65591 xorg Driver/o openchrome-devel NEW --- [drm-openchrome] Commit 484c66c400daa76bd6840f195e8effa9d39dfb3c breaks KMS on VX900 with HDMI 2013-08-27
67353 xorg Driver/o openchrome-devel NEW --- flipped colors in vlc videos 2016-11-29
69969 xorg Driver/o openchrome-devel NEW --- Xvideo missing for VIA CN700 with KMS 2013-10-13
87061 xorg Driver/o openchrome-devel NEW --- 1600x1200 resolution breaks at startup, but works later with xrandr 2015-01-18
94259 xorg Driver/o openchrome-devel NEW --- No mouse cursor (invisible) with dual monitors and DVI/VGA "Y" cable, no display on DVI 2016-07-03
94863 xorg Driver/o openchrome-devel NEW --- No signal at VGA (crt-tube) connected to DVI port of VX900 2016-04-22
95059 xorg Driver/o openchrome-devel NEW --- DVI port failure with external TMDS transimitter for T510/T5555/C90LE thin clients 2016-12-11
95146 xorg Driver/o openchrome-devel NEW --- No mouse cursor (invisible) with DVI cable 2016-07-01
97387 xorg Driver/o openchrome-devel NEW --- Wyse Cx0 No display on DVI with DVI+VGA "Y" adapter. 2016-08-23
96785 xorg Driver/o kevinbrace ASSI --- CN700 + VT1632 doesn't detect screen on DVI port 2018-06-21
89013 xorg Driver/o openchrome-devel REOP --- Xv not working with openchrome 2017-02-01
94277 xorg Driver/o openchrome-devel REOP --- driver does not detect VGA monitor, but there is one 2017-02-28
17 bugs found.


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