Wed Sep 18 2019 16:12:55 UTC
<cwabbott> crap, TF2 doesn't know how to interface with the quantum computer i set up last week
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20 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
69624 Mesa EGL chadversary NEW --- eglCreateContext incorrectly handles EGL_CONTEXT_OPENGL_DEBUG_BIT for GLES contexts 2013-09-20
66886 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- eglChooseConfig returns true even if it fails matching the config 2013-07-16
68421 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- eglCreateWindowSurface should fail when called second time for the same window 2013-08-22
69071 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- _eglGetNativePlatform should not fall back to build-time configuration 2013-09-07
75751 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- egl_gallium always requires libdrm 2014-03-04
85869 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- Offscreen rendering to pixmap EGLSurface is odd 2014-11-05
94710 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- Patch for dangling disp->DriverData pointer in error path 2016-03-28
97766 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- Multiple EGL displays with multiple window systems leads to a crash 2016-09-11
98346 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- dEQP EGL: eglCreateSyncKHR negative test failure. 2016-10-20
100627 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- EGL fails to fall back to DRI2 when DRI3 is enabled but not available 2017-07-04
101397 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- [EGL] Surfaceless lacks swrast support 2017-10-04
104035 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- When will the egl introp for vaapi be implemented 2017-12-05
104478 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- Add EGL information to docs/features.txt 2018-01-09
106377 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- eglWaitClient() doesn't work for surfaceless contexts 2018-05-04
110357 Mesa EGL mesa-dev NEW --- [BISECTED] [OpenGL CTS] cts-runner --type=gl46 fails in new attempted "41" configuration 2019-08-08
109354 Mesa EGL fdo-bugs ASSI --- eglCreateImageKHR should throw a error when called with anything but EGL_NO_CONTEXT 2019-03-15
106337 Mesa EGL lemody ASSI --- eglWaitClient() doesn't work as documented using DRI2 backend 2018-05-17
108977 Mesa EGL lemody ASSI --- Reading back an EGL Pbuffer using the OpenGL API returns garbled output 2018-12-11
67676 Mesa EGL zegentzy ASSI --- Transparent windows no longer work 2019-07-16
109258 Mesa EGL mesa-dev REOP --- Weston seems to fail with Mesa master and LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 2019-07-02
20 bugs found.


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