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14 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
14030 dbus GLib dbus NEW --- DBusGProxy memory management is flawed 2014-09-25
14581 dbus GLib dbus NEW --- Calling out to user code should be re-entrant 2014-09-25
16320 dbus GLib dbus NEW --- investigate calling g_utf8_validate when marshaling strings 2014-09-25
25056 dbus GLib dbus NEW --- dbus-binding-tool generates wrong code when passed two interface files 2014-09-25
29195 dbus GLib dbus NEW --- Add documentation about the need of call g_error_free() on async DBusGProxy callbacks 2014-09-25
38867 dbus GLib dbus NEW --- example-service 's some_object_get_purple data type is not as declared 2014-09-25
92188 dbus GLib dbus NEW --- No pending call in dbus_g_proxy_end_call_internal 2015-09-30
101799 dbus GLib dbus NEW --- Do not use deprecated tokens when calling glib-genmarshal from dbus-binding-tool 2017-07-18
83893 dbus GLib smcv NEW --- when demarshalling an object method call fails, the error is weird 2014-09-25
7206 dbus GLib dbus ASSI --- Garbage out values on error in GLib bindings 2014-09-25
7762 dbus GLib dbus ASSI --- gobject derivatives are not marshalled properly. 2014-09-25
20139 dbus GLib dbus ASSI --- GENTOO USERS READ THIS FIRST (strict aliasing) 2014-09-25
22156 dbus GLib smcv ASSI --- dbus-glib returns UnknownMethod on GetAll if no properties 2014-09-25
19259 dbus GLib dbus REOP --- Support --with-bash-completion-dir= 2014-09-25
14 bugs found.


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