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182 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
39858 dbus core dbus NEW --- result of do_service_reload_test() is ignored 2017-02-20
58601 dbus core dbus NEW --- Formal spec for launchd 2016-09-23
84289 dbus core dbus NEW --- Include accessibility bus as one of the well-known message bus 2014-11-01
84871 dbus core dbus NEW --- Use secure_getenv if it is available 2014-10-10
85418 dbus core dbus NEW --- Which features are not checked, and just assumed not to be present under cmake 2015-04-20
88997 dbus core dbus NEW --- Standardise documentation format in introspection XML 2016-11-18
89104 dbus core dbus NEW --- DBusString should have a safe static initializer 2015-02-12
89243 dbus core dbus NEW --- clean up compiler warnings from clang 2015-02-24
89856 dbus core dbus NEW --- test-fdpass fails on FreeBSD 10.1 2015-04-01
90023 dbus core dbus NEW --- Running DBus-enabled gnome app via ssh X11 forwarding causes it to confuse dbus socket name between the hosts 2015-05-13
90135 dbus core dbus NEW --- Thread blocking issue 2015-04-22
90610 dbus core dbus NEW --- Possible Race condition in dbus_timeout_handle 2015-06-24
91068 dbus core dbus NEW --- conditional expression reordering while sending unix fd over dbus connection. 2015-06-24
91755 dbus core dbus NEW --- [SPEC EXTENSION][PATCH] Add new "arg0has=" string array matches 2016-06-30
92074 dbus core dbus NEW --- destination= rules don't match anything when using BecomeMonitor 2016-06-30
92080 dbus core dbus NEW --- Optional client configuration file support 2015-11-17
92546 dbus core dbus NEW --- consider making D-Bus "checks" non-fatal, either for dbus-daemon or in general 2015-10-19
92899 dbus core dbus NEW --- move test coverage out of test/name-test/ so it works when cross-compiling 2016-02-12
93283 dbus core dbus NEW --- dbus development workflow related 2016-10-05
93453 dbus core dbus NEW --- Problem with /usr/local/share featuring in system-bus .services search path 2016-06-30
93464 dbus core dbus NEW --- [Patch] New multi-threaded message sending test case. 2016-06-30
93754 dbus core dbus NEW --- optionally log all D-Bus traffic to the systemd Journal 2016-02-08
93755 dbus core dbus NEW --- tell monitors what clients' credentials are 2016-02-08
93912 dbus core dbus NEW --- Name of struct members in introspection data 2016-10-01
93976 dbus core dbus NEW --- cmake 'make check' support for test/name-test directory 2016-02-29
94494 dbus core dbus NEW --- Included configuration file "org.freedesktop.dbus-session.plist" contains deprecated fields, requires user intervention on old OSX 2016-06-30
94508 dbus core dbus NEW --- dbus-1.10 (1.10.6 and 1.0.8 tries) breaks gnome 3.18 logout leaving running processes 2016-06-09
95191 dbus core dbus NEW --- Memory leak when running test-(d)bus test on Windows 2016-07-23
96577 dbus core dbus NEW --- W32: dbus does not support SSPI-based authentication mechanisms 2017-04-10
96720 dbus core dbus NEW --- AppArmor mode not reloaded until a process reconnects 2016-06-30
97298 dbus core dbus NEW --- libdbus WaitingForOK state handling does not appear to match spec 2016-08-12
97528 dbus core dbus NEW --- DBus Manpage concerning SELinux wrong 2016-10-03
97821 dbus core dbus NEW --- dbus-daemon ignores effective group id of the client 2016-09-30
97927 dbus core dbus NEW --- [OS X] : enable standard (non-launchd) dbus-launch and the use of privileged services via the system bus 2016-10-10
98006 dbus core dbus NEW --- Add an org.fdo.Introspectable2 interface which returns structured introspection data 2016-12-27
98260 dbus core dbus NEW --- Please support a relocatable root 2016-10-19
98722 dbus core dbus NEW --- No 'org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.PropertyWriteOnly' error 2016-11-21
99234 dbus core dbus NEW --- dbus should use raw SELinux contexts 2017-01-02
99512 dbus core dbus NEW --- Missing dbus daemon auth config test coverage 2017-02-14
99585 dbus core dbus NEW --- Add dbus verbose channels to verbose output. 2017-02-02
99751 dbus core dbus NEW --- Shut down autolaunched Windows session bus after disconnecting last client Mon 15:40
99808 dbus core dbus NEW --- Mismatch in documentation of dbus-send parameter --bus, --peer and --address 2017-02-14
99809 dbus core dbus NEW --- Different parameter usage design of dbus-monitor 2017-02-14
99873 dbus core dbus NEW --- consider warning when session services have the wrong name 2017-02-20
99874 dbus core dbus NEW --- make recommended system service naming mandatory 2017-02-20
99876 dbus core dbus NEW --- prefer recommended service naming on collision 2017-02-20
99877 dbus core dbus NEW --- don't record activatable service entries in memory if name is invalid 2017-02-20
100317 dbus core dbus NEW --- should be able to add new header fields that can be trusted 2017-03-29
92721 dbus core ralf.habacker NEW --- bus-test and dbus-test failure on cross compile for windows 2015-12-01
89234 dbus core thiago NEW --- Missing support for passing file descriptors with "d-tube" 2015-05-13
64734 dbus core dbus NEW --- Terminate autolaunched X11 session bus when no longer needed 2017-02-13
74788 dbus core dbus NEW --- would be nice if uid 0 was exempt from max_connections_per_user? 2016-03-17
85106 dbus core dbus NEW --- dbus-daemon-launch-helper: log to syslog on failure 2014-10-16
87011 dbus core dbus NEW --- Documentation on interface names slightly inconsistent 2014-12-09
97924 dbus core dbus NEW --- wid can be used without initialisation in dbus-launch.c 2016-11-10
98898 dbus core dbus NEW --- dbus-monitor: optionally print monotonic timestamps in Linux kernel style 2017-02-24
100352 dbus core dbus NEW --- remove goto statement 2017-03-23
92831 dbus core dbus ASSI --- avc_init() function is deprecated 2016-11-29
68610 dbus core simon.mcvittie ASSI --- various thread-safety issues involving static variables 2014-09-25
83499 dbus core simon.mcvittie ASSI --- document the assumption that makes our use of credentials-passing secure 2016-05-10
85108 dbus core simon.mcvittie ASSI --- dbus-daemon: syslog when we disconnect a peer 2014-10-16
92853 dbus core simon.mcvittie ASSI --- dbus-daemon policy language should be able to describe broadcasts 2015-11-20
100344 dbus core simon.mcvittie ASSI --- Add restricted, identifiable bus servers for use in containers 2017-04-07
97358 dbus core tdz ASSI --- Remove platform-specific code from DBusWatch 2017-04-07
27857 dbus core christian REOP --- Implement "maybe", nullable container type 2014-09-25
896 dbus core dbus REOP --- D-BUS messages lost when auto-activating 2015-05-14
9020 dbus core dbus REOP --- assertion failure looks likely on re-opening disconnected shared connection 2014-09-25
11454 dbus core dbus REOP --- no way to exit a dbus server without creating a race condition 2015-05-14
13194 dbus core dbus REOP --- Run dbus-uuidgen in make install (was When machine-id not found, dbus should not abort) 2014-09-25
17970 dbus core dbus REOP --- applications will fail when under 'su <user>' environment 2014-09-25
19309 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-launch fails if user in too many groups OS X 10.5 2014-09-25
19593 dbus core dbus REOP --- new config language for services 2014-09-25
19796 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus_connection_send_with_reply() is not safe if another thread is dispatching the connection 2014-09-25
20099 dbus core dbus REOP --- ability to add activation directories later 2014-09-25
23584 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus_connection_send should check to install write watch if pending messages remain 2014-09-25
27775 dbus core dbus REOP --- Sending too large messages results in "Disconnected" and exit() 2014-09-25
27995 dbus core dbus REOP --- system services' exit statuses are interpreted as if they were dbus-daemon-launch-helper exit statuses 2014-09-25
28355 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-daemon hangs while starting if users are in LDAP/NIS/etc. 2014-09-25
30630 dbus core dbus REOP --- shutdown request 2014-09-25
32509 dbus core dbus REOP --- Scope autolaunch to requesting client 2016-10-14
33606 dbus core dbus REOP --- stop dbus-daemon memory usage ballooning if a client is slow to read 2014-09-25
34040 dbus core dbus REOP --- add peak message sizes to Stats interface 2014-09-25
34528 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-specification (or an appendix) should document the well-known errors 2014-09-25
34726 dbus core dbus REOP --- Should send back an error if a message is corrupt (e.g. non-UTF-8 strings) 2014-09-25
34905 dbus core dbus REOP --- using configure's --enable-abstract-sockets results in abstract sockets being disabled 2016-07-01
34967 dbus core dbus REOP --- found a memory leak when stressing nepomuk-kde 2014-09-25
35189 dbus core dbus REOP --- authentication cannot be timed out 2014-09-25
35311 dbus core dbus REOP --- sysdeps-win: abuse of sprintf into fixed-size buffers 2014-09-25
35887 dbus core dbus REOP --- use runtime dirs for ~/.dbus autolaunch crap 2016-02-02
39611 dbus core dbus REOP --- [PATCH] warn if people use at_console 2014-10-21
40409 dbus core dbus REOP --- [PATCH] Natively read systemd unit directories to find actvitable services 2014-09-25
41105 dbus core dbus REOP --- Documentation of immutability of watch flags 2014-09-25
41250 dbus core dbus REOP --- some tests in test/name-test/ fail under cmake `make test` 2014-09-25
43557 dbus core dbus REOP --- Feature request: support for file descriptors in dbus-send 2014-09-25
44030 dbus core dbus REOP --- define semantics for a non-absolute Exec in .service files 2016-06-20
44109 dbus core dbus REOP --- Add versioninfo to executable 2014-10-10
46762 dbus core dbus REOP --- Activatable services change notifications 2014-09-25
49728 dbus core dbus REOP --- connection lost: pending method calls not notified 2014-09-25
50955 dbus core dbus REOP --- Need to provide standardized way to disable services started by dbus 2014-09-25
52202 dbus core dbus REOP --- document that setuid executables must clear their environment before using libdbus 2016-01-20
52372 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-daemon drops messages if sender exits during service activation 2014-09-25
59780 dbus core dbus REOP --- on service crash, dbus daemon sends timeout messages in wrong order 2014-09-25
59808 dbus core dbus REOP --- Platform related overhaul of dbus documentation 2014-09-25
61922 dbus core dbus REOP --- Fix IPv6 support on windows implementation 2015-01-31
64058 dbus core dbus REOP --- cmake xmldoc target dependency fixes 2014-09-25
65134 dbus core dbus REOP --- Callback for dbus_connection_send_with_reply never is called if service answers incorrectly 2014-09-25
69877 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-launch will refuse start a dbus-daemon though the previous started was terminated 2014-09-25
72251 dbus core dbus REOP --- bus-test dispatch test fail on FreeBSD 9.1 2014-09-25
73636 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus install location issue 2015-11-29
74029 dbus core dbus REOP --- init_session_address() should raise a DBusError instead of doing _dbus_warn() 2014-09-25
74698 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-launch: has non-obvious critical sections in which an X error would cause process leaks 2014-09-25
75589 dbus core dbus REOP --- bus-test dispatch test on linux failed 2015-01-21
75861 dbus core dbus REOP --- W32: syslogging function is broken, syslog test segfaults 2014-09-25
80186 dbus core dbus REOP --- reloading dbus-daemon configuration does not affect existing connections' ACLs 2015-09-01
83539 dbus core dbus REOP --- Correct Win32 runtime with D-Bus 1.8.0 2015-10-26
83938 dbus core dbus REOP --- CVE-2014-3638 follow-up: improve data structures for pending replies 2014-09-25
94085 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus_connection_open not returning shared connections if the address does not include "guid" 2016-02-12
39720 dbus core simon.mcvittie REOP --- Clumsy semantics when connecting to session bus owned by another user 2014-09-25
54972 dbus core simon.mcvittie REOP --- Please make libdbus thread-safe by default 2014-10-29
8164 dbus core dbus REOP --- enable -Wtype-limits or document why not 2014-09-25
11728 dbus core dbus REOP --- clarify docs as to dbus_connection_read_write_dispatch() behaviour 2014-09-25
18013 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus autolaunch fails on OS X 10.5 because of '/' characters in $DISPLAY 2014-09-25
18121 dbus core dbus REOP --- monotonic clock checks are not fully portable 2014-09-25
19807 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-send can't send dict args 2014-09-25
23375 dbus core dbus REOP --- Dbus needs better tracking (logging) possibilities 2014-09-25
23679 dbus core dbus REOP --- Set DBUS UUID from Linux random boot ID 2014-09-25
25740 dbus core dbus REOP --- [system] fails when user name is different 2014-09-25
28979 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-daemon doesn't work when listen on TCP and system has no configured interfaces 2014-09-25
29618 dbus core dbus REOP --- Add DBUS_MACHINE_UUID_FILE enviroment variable 2014-09-25
33234 dbus core dbus REOP --- [PATCH] Allow to setup connect timeout for TCP transport 2014-09-25
33652 dbus core dbus REOP --- config dtd does not reflect current dbus usage 2015-03-17
38288 dbus core dbus REOP --- speculative generality in message (de)marshalling increases complexity 2014-09-25
38289 dbus core dbus REOP --- potential optimization: set message sender in sender, validate in bus daemon 2014-09-25
38784 dbus core dbus REOP --- Add standard DBus interface for managing the lifetime of objects based on shared ownership 2016-10-01
38950 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-cleanup-sockets can use a lot of memory and or crash 2014-09-25
42441 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-daemon print unavailable options on help request 2014-09-25
44455 dbus core dbus REOP --- generate run-with-tmp-session-bus.conf in a way that CMake can deal with 2014-09-25
45713 dbus core dbus REOP --- could automatically detect and clean up a stale pid file, if distro init scripts don't 2014-09-25
47581 dbus core dbus REOP --- Add Smack LSM support to DBus daemon 2016-05-16
50418 dbus core dbus REOP --- configuration: add <listen_if_possible> option 2014-09-25
55933 dbus core dbus REOP --- improve documentation on running clients with Valgrind 2014-09-25
62861 dbus core dbus REOP --- activation: better support for services with multiple names 2014-09-25
66114 dbus core dbus REOP --- change spec so unknown match rule keys are ignored 2014-09-25
66576 dbus core dbus REOP --- [PATCH] two small fixes for dbus hash: remove dead code, fix comments and remove redundant AND operation 2014-09-25
66728 dbus core dbus REOP --- [PATCH] launch-helper: fix error code parsing 2014-09-25
66915 dbus core dbus REOP --- update document about listenable address in dbus spec and dbus-damon manpage 2014-09-25
68741 dbus core dbus REOP --- Running dbus as windows service 2016-04-15
72748 dbus core dbus REOP --- message bus doesn't implement org.freedesktop.DBus.Peer interface 2014-09-25
73279 dbus core dbus REOP --- Mac OS X build (clang) broken due to -Wcast-align error 2015-03-31
74454 dbus core dbus REOP --- [PATCH] unixexec transport is supported only for the parent process 2014-09-25
76996 dbus core dbus REOP --- Avoid windows firewall complains about tcp usage 2014-09-25
80817 dbus core dbus REOP --- followup for CVE-2014-3532: messages with abusive recursion are silently dropped 2014-09-25
81469 dbus core dbus REOP --- add new limit: max_connections_per_systemd_unit 2017-03-24
82346 dbus core dbus REOP --- add new limit: max_connections_per_process 2017-03-24
84193 dbus core dbus REOP --- someone who understands SELinux should add it to GetConnectionCredentials and improve docs 2016-12-30
18459 dbus core hp REOP --- dbus-monitor output could be better worded 2015-02-16
32245 dbus core simon.mcvittie REOP --- Update autotools configuration 2014-09-25
33870 dbus core simon.mcvittie REOP --- lack of clarity in dbus-marshal-recursive.c: can type_str be NULL? 2014-09-25
60859 dbus core simon.mcvittie REOP --- dbus-daemon: optionally capture all packets in pcap format 2014-09-25
10599 dbus core dbus REOP --- maybe see whether strict aliasing would be a performance improvement 2015-04-03
19782 dbus core dbus REOP --- Please ship an xsl file to convert spec file to docbook 2014-09-25
59139 dbus core dbus REOP --- Allow escaped commas in argument arrays for dbus-send 2014-09-25
77781 dbus core dbus REOP --- Checks for leaked file descriptors in do_exec in dbus/dbus-spawn.c and _dbus_close_all in dbus/dbus-sysdeps-unix.c miss files opened to a previously higher resource limit 2014-09-25
35090 dbus core simon.mcvittie REOP --- allow caches to be disabled for memory-constrained environments 2014-09-25
78730 dbus core dbus NEED --- main loop implementations can't provide a function to wake up other threads 2015-05-14
85572 dbus core dbus NEED --- Call /bin/dbus-uuidgen in systemd unit file 2014-11-04
89408 dbus core dbus NEED --- cannot cross compile dbus-1.8.16 for Android on ARM: sizeof(various types) == 0 2015-03-10
90089 dbus core dbus NEED --- cmake msvc compile error 2015-09-29
93920 dbus core dbus NEED --- Check ListNames() permissions with MLS (SELinux) 2016-06-30
94638 dbus core dbus NEED --- There are no options to automatically create a socket directory. 2016-03-25
97439 dbus core dbus NEED --- how to identify which processing is leaking? 2016-08-23
18961 dbus core hp NEED --- nondeterministic denials for no-interface messages 2014-10-03
25841 dbus core hp NEED --- reconnection of the dbus-daemon fails 2014-09-23
26031 dbus core hp NEED --- needs to link with -z nodelete 2014-09-23
29526 dbus core hp NEED --- _dbus_get_autolaunch_address can be slow closing file descriptors 2014-09-23
30938 dbus core hp NEED --- <allow group="foo"> only matches against auxiliary groups, not primary group 2014-09-23
48100 dbus core hp NEED --- Possible race condition in dbus_watch_handle and dbus_message_unref 2014-09-23
50042 dbus core hp NEED --- usb + memory leak 2014-09-23
81043 dbus core hp NEED --- dbus-daemon memory grows when a process behaves abusively 2014-10-02
92680 dbus core ralf.habacker NEED --- Windows compile error with glib enabled 2016-07-01
94155 dbus core ralf.habacker NEED --- Make _dbus_connection_get_next_client_serial() public 2016-06-30
43555 dbus core hp NEED --- Feature request: support for variant maps in dbus-send 2014-09-23
182 bugs found.


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