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20 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
8605 cairo freetype cworth NEW --- Incorrect emulation of Bold style. 2008-05-17
11838 cairo freetype david NEW --- hintstyle specified in fontconfig is ignored while rgba is respected sometimes 2016-04-21
21706 cairo freetype david NEW --- zombie ft_font_face / ft_unscaled_font mutual referencing problems 2009-05-16
21711 cairo freetype david NEW --- unnecessary code in _cairo_ft_unscaled_font_map_destroy 2015-05-19
23981 cairo freetype david NEW --- cairo doesn't respect TrueType gasp tables (and fonts look ugly as a result) 2011-06-25
28145 cairo freetype david NEW --- cairo_font_face_finish() 2014-06-07
28549 cairo freetype david NEW --- Gamma-corrected alpha blending for text output 2015-08-08
38375 cairo freetype david NEW --- cairo_scale and (freetype) fonts only scales glyphs badly, layout even worse 2011-06-16
43686 cairo freetype david NEW --- Artifact when drawing the letter 'u' from DejaVuSans.ttf 2012-08-25
75219 cairo freetype david NEW --- [C++] Embolden doesn't work in a text 2014-02-20
92756 cairo freetype david NEW --- Synthetic emboldening of monospace fonts makes characters wider 2015-10-31
96357 cairo freetype david NEW --- Incorrect cache algorithm in _cairo_ft_unscaled_font_set_scale 2016-06-03
97698 cairo freetype david NEW --- Silicon Alley-Hp Printer(1844)-(305)-(5565)Support Toll Free Phone Number New York,hp printer installation cd download New York 2016-09-09
99022 cairo freetype david NEW --- Font display issue with Edwardian Script ITC font 2016-12-08
100763 cairo freetype david NEW --- Cairo-1.15.4 Denial-of-Service Attack due to Logical Problem in Program 2017-05-04
102645 cairo freetype freedesktop ASSI --- FT_Set_Var_Design_Coordinates() does not affect previously rendered glyphs 2017-09-20
102661 cairo freetype david REOP --- Treat color glyph alpha as mask instead of source alpha 2017-09-12
10301 cairo freetype freedesktop REOP --- LCD filtering patch 2016-01-08
58479 cairo freetype david NEED --- cairo-freeworld cause crash of SublimeText 2 2013-08-21
66871 cairo freetype david NEED --- segmentation fault when using cairo_show_text inside evince backend 2013-09-01
20 bugs found.


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