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<tml> why does AskLibO need my friend list when I try to use the Facebook thing to sign in? -- <@Sweetshark> tml: maybe as a facebook user you are expected to enjoy abuse? -- <tml> yes! yes! hit me harder -- <@Sweetshark> tml: I bet there is an app for that.
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
89232 cairo pdf back ajohnson RESO FIXE Playback of recording surface into pdf surface is incomplete or blank 2016-06-05
79897 cairo postscri ajohnson RESO FIXE Bad PostScript out of not so bad PDF 2016-07-11
84811 cairo postscri ajohnson RESO FIXE Adobe Distiller cannot process PostScript file generated by pdftocairo 2016-07-15
77060 cairo general chris RESO FIXE cairo fails to compile with gcc 4.9 2016-07-14
82963 cairo general chris RESO FIXE pdftocairo gets stuck on the PDF 2016-07-09
93891 cairo general chris RESO FIXE Hang when recursing in _cairo_scaled_font_reset_cache() 2016-08-02
94615 cairo general chris RESO FIXE Evince does not print hyphens in LaTeX documents 2016-07-16
84330 cairo xcb back psychon RESO FIXE record-paint-alpha-clip-mask.xcb.rgb24 random failure 2016-07-21
91967 cairo xlib bac psychon RESO FIXE Assertion "(_cairo_atomic_int_get (&(&surface->ref_count)->ref_count) > 0)" 2016-06-19
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