Fri Oct 28 2016 23:33:37 UTC
<airlied> I just also wish we had pix11it <airlied> so when people rewrite their accel architectures they actually test the results <airlied> not looking at ickle at all
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
40078 cairo pdf back ajohnson RESO FIXE Support hyperref links (URLs) on text in PDF 2016-10-04
97612 cairo pdf back ajohnson RESO FIXE [PATCH] Correctly decode Adobe CMYK JPEGs in PDF export 2016-09-09
88639 cairo general chris RESO FIXE Broken AX_C_FLOAT_WORDS_BIGENDIAN with BSD ELF tool chain 2016-10-12
93891 cairo general chris RESO FIXE Hang when recursing in _cairo_scaled_font_reset_cache() 2016-08-02
29319 cairo general cworth RESO FIXE Modules are built as versioned shared objects 2016-09-07
19253 cairo freetype david RESO FIXE Please add --enable-fontconfig configuration option 2016-10-04
95227 cairo general ranma42 RESO FIXE [Patch] Cairo potentially spams stdout in certain places 2016-09-04
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