Sun Aug 2 2015 14:23:02 UTC
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22 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
81699 cairo general chris RESO FIXE [need testcase] Segfault sweep_line_delete on video playback (2) 2015-06-29
90538 cairo pdf back ajohnson RESO FIXE [pdftocairo] Font descriptors get incorrectly converted in pdf to pdf 2015-05-21
91266 cairo general ashim.shah RESO FIXE Out of bound access in struct pattern -> type 2015-07-09
91293 cairo gl backe cairo-bugs RESO FIXE GLX_NONE != None Fri 00:20
73038 cairo general chris RESO FIXE recording surface with paint with alpha and clipping loses alpha Mon 18:11
73901 cairo general chris RESO FIXE pdftocairo sets image background to black instead of white/transparent Mon 18:17
74779 cairo image ba chris RESO FIXE Segmentation fault when using a complex path for clip and stroke 2015-06-04
81197 cairo general chris RESO FIXE make check warnings Wed 00:13
83359 cairo general chris RESO FIXE Features disabled by default should also appear in cairo-features.h 2015-06-04
84115 cairo xlib bac chris RESO FIXE Broken line drawing with cairo graphics using SNA and UXA 2015-06-04
89339 cairo general chris RESO FIXE util/cairo-script: compilation errors on AIX (no member named '__jmpbuf') 2015-06-18
89750 cairo general chris RESO FIXE Missing line continuation in definition of MAYBE_WARN in configure 2015-06-27
90303 cairo general chris RESO FIXE ATOMIC_OP_NEEDS_MEMORY_BARRIER doesn't play well with ThreadSanitizer 2015-06-04
91054 cairo general chris RESO FIXE A certain path is recorded incorrectly with a script surface 2015-06-26
91381 cairo general chris RESO FIXE bad free in tests/pdf-mime-data.c Thu 23:57
21676 cairo general cworth RESO FIXE Link to ChangeLog within release notes. 2015-06-27
52548 cairo xlib bac cworth RESO FIXE valgrind advice: Go fix your program! 2015-06-26
87893 cairo xlib bac jain.arpit RESO FIXE use of an uninitialized variable in error path 2015-07-06
91206 cairo general jain.arpit RESO FIXE Use of a pointer after it is freed 2015-07-07
91321 cairo gl backe jain.arpit RESO FIXE Incorrect sizeof expression Thu 21:15
84324 cairo quartz f ranma42 RESO FIXE cairo quartz font broken in iOS 8 / CGFontGetGlyphPath deprecated in MacOS 10.10 yosemite 2015-05-11
59224 cairo xlib bac chris CLOS FIXE [IVB Bisected]cairo-trace (benchmark)chromium-tabs.trace case failed 2015-05-20
22 bugs found.
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