Fri Aug 17 2018 21:46:25 UTC
<daniels> i once dreamed about debugging something in xkb, vivid memories of gdb and everything. took me 10min after i woke up to realise that it was a dream as the backtrace i vividly remembered literally made no sense and could never have occurred.
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43 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
35836 LibreOff Writer libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Writer form does not save control data properties 2015-01-03
21583 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- overeager xid reuse 2012-03-24
58601 dbus core dbus NEW --- Formal spec for launchd 2016-09-23
104947 dbus core dbus NEW --- Documentation tutorial 2018-02-06
33467 LibreOff UI libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Mac: Default printer should be taken from the OS when printing 2014-05-22
54052 LibreOff Printing libreoffice-bugs NEW --- Improvement - PDF export defaults in Options/General 2013-04-14
65749 XStandar XKB marcoz NEW --- Reformatted version of XKB Extension Lib Spec 2013-06-14
17219 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs NEW --- Allow to set priority for available/away state 2014-04-22
21972 Telepath idle telepathy-bugs NEW --- Rate-limits overly strictly 2011-09-09
27963 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- XmppWriter doesn't check any libxml functions' return values 2016-07-14
29483 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Leak in tp_contact_request_contact_info_async() 2011-01-07
30104 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- display status and reason names in the logs 2011-01-07
31727 Telepath salut telepathy-bugs NEW --- use TpBaseChannel for Salut's channels (other than ContactList) 2010-11-18
31857 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- TpDebugSender should fix invalid UTF-8 strings 2013-09-12
32915 Telepath mission- telepathy-bugs NEW --- McpAccountStorageIface documentation is completely broken 2011-04-19
35351 Wocky General telepathy-bugs NEW --- wocky_connector_connect_finish() should return a new ref 2011-03-17
36405 Telepath idle telepathy-bugs NEW --- Colour codes before numbers eat the numbers 2012-10-30
39410 Telepath mission- telepathy-bugs NEW --- Make logs clear about account invalidity 2011-07-20
42595 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Add "I really want this contact in my contact list" API? 2013-09-12
44891 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- extend TpMessage convenience API to cover most documented fields 2013-09-12
49300 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- Add helper code extracting the birthday from a TpContactInfoField 2013-09-12
49398 Telepath tp-spec telepathy-bugs NEW --- define D-Bus error names corresponding to members of Channel_Text_Send_Error 2014-01-07
59757 Telepath tp-glib telepathy-bugs NEW --- const gchar ** arguments are inferred to be utf8, not array-of-utf8 2013-01-28
70333 Telepath idle telepathy-bugs NEW --- Tor support 2013-11-05
71303 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs NEW --- indicate the connection's level of security 2013-11-06
71304 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs NEW --- prefer PFS cipher suites and TLS 1.2; optionally disable SSLv3, SSLv2 2014-05-01
54118 Telepath ring pekka.pessi NEW --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2012-08-27
32444 Telepath gabble telepathy-bugs NEW --- Tidy up GabblePresenceCache 2010-12-16
54113 Telepath haze telepathy-bugs NEW --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2012-08-27
54115 Telepath mission- telepathy-bugs NEW --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2012-08-27
54116 Telepath logger telepathy-bugs NEW --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2012-08-27
54120 Telepath ssh-cont xclaesse NEW --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2012-08-27
20124 xorg Server/D xorg-team NEW --- Multiple -class argument 2011-10-09
91685 apoc Template praveen ASSI --- hard fault 2015-08-19
23895 xorg Server/D jesserayadkins ASSI --- VideoAdaptor section of xorg.conf man page needs love 2018-07-30
54117 Telepath rakia mikhail.zabaluev ASSI --- use AS_IF, AS_CASE instead of if/fi and case/esac 2013-08-07
59780 dbus core dbus REOP --- on service crash, dbus daemon sends timeout messages in wrong order 2014-09-25
19807 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-send can't send dict args 2014-09-25
38950 dbus core dbus REOP --- dbus-cleanup-sockets can use a lot of memory and or crash 2014-09-25
45713 dbus core dbus REOP --- could automatically detect and clean up a stale pid file, if distro init scripts don't 2014-09-25
84193 dbus core dbus REOP --- someone who understands SELinux should improve its documentation 2017-09-25
10599 dbus core dbus REOP --- maybe see whether strict aliasing would be a performance improvement 2015-04-03
35090 dbus core smcv REOP --- allow caches to be disabled for memory-constrained environments 2014-09-25
43 bugs found.


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