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197 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
103809 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs UNCO --- Inconsistent behaviour in relation to thumb rejection 2018-03-10
105032 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs UNCO --- Two-finger scrolling sometimes mistaken as pointer movement when palm rejection is on 2018-04-13
99142 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Not releasing/cleaning up clients by wl_client_destroy() upon wl_display_destroy() 2017-12-11
106573 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- When kwin_wayland tries to start XWayland, XWayland hangs with endless inet6-related errors 2018-05-19
97539 Wayland weston bryce NEW --- weston-terminal race condition crash 2016-08-29
66830 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston/wayland: Invalid read/write with 2013-12-21
68157 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Valgrind error on shutdown 2013-08-21
71986 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- RDP compositor fails to establish connection (unable to checkDescriptor) 2016-09-25
73076 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Corruption in weston using drm or wayland backends 2014-01-03
73715 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Application always launch on seated output 2014-05-07
75186 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- exposay: relayout when surfaces come and go 2014-02-19
78511 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Multiple issues with weston-stacking 2014-11-19
78585 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- multiple monitor fullscreen images incorrect position/scale 2014-05-13
79560 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston segfault on exit when is loaded 2015-08-04
80119 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- dead/unreachable code at line 643 & 648 of simple-egl.c 2014-09-10
80459 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Wayland cross compiling makefile error 2016-04-07
81115 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- weston crashed after clicking close button of arora 2016-08-15
81281 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- arora window resizing causes window border to occasionally tear. 2014-10-03
81307 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- cursor doesn't move, if weston-launch is started with finger on trackpad. 2014-07-14
81308 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- cursor image is stale after holding title 2014-07-14
81316 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- cursor sometimes remains on screen after weston-launch quits 2014-07-14
81977 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Fix shell interactions with minimized state 2014-07-31
82766 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- console not clearing on exit from vim, vi or nano 2016-04-21
83055 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston freezes temporarly 2014-08-25
83212 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston screen does not lock on vt switch 2014-08-28
83304 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- wl_display_roundtrip() seems not thread-safe 2014-09-03
83383 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- fail to receive touch_frame after final touch_up (Qt) 2018-02-21
83440 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Clicking links from xchat-gnome does not work with XWayland 2016-04-07
83457 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- username highlight popups in xchat-gnome flicker rapidly 2016-04-07
83680 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston-simple-egl fullscreen does not work when output seat specified in weston.ini 2014-09-09
83778 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston-editor text deleted when inserting new text 2015-01-22
83954 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Touch does not work in secondary display after calibration in multihead setup 2014-09-16
84034 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- input-method.xml has a factory for wl_keyboard causing version conflict 2015-01-22
84040 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston-launch is setuid, so it should handle the environment in a paranoid way 2014-09-18
84644 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Can't play FPS games with Xwayland EG CS:GO Etc 2018-01-01
84960 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston crashes after "unexpectedly large timestamp jump" 2014-10-13
85183 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- GLX_OML_sync_control broken under Xwayland 1.16.1 2017-08-20
85475 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Copy and paste not working properly + crash 2015-09-25
85597 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- dim-layer focus animation doesn't work with more outputs 2014-10-29
85715 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- wl_fixed is not precise enough for high dpi mice 2016-06-19
87035 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- mouse doesn't work in Steam in weston? (Steam through xwayland) 2015-02-17
87824 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Dangling pointers and memory corruption after output recreate. 2015-01-05
88892 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- loading causes "terminate" to fail 2015-02-16
89385 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- gl_renderer: poor error messages when config matching fails 2015-05-04
89386 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston-launch ends in tight poll/recvmsg loop when straced and weston terminates 2015-03-27
89674 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Touch is not working with transformed output 2015-03-19
89702 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Centered/Splash shell surfaces 2015-03-21
90382 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- mouse pointer is not visible when run weston-launch 2015-05-12
90434 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston's toytoolkit hangs on some versions of Mesa, on some hardware platforms 2015-05-13
90673 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston's desktop-shell keybindings don't respect keyboard layout (variant) 2015-05-27
91071 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- XWayland security settings prohibits applications running as root from connecting by default 2016-08-07
91766 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- There is no way to cancel wl_display_dispatch(_pending) call without a server roundtrip 2015-08-27
91769 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Meta bug for libwayland-client threading issues 2016-09-02
91842 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- window resize can resize wrong edge 2016-04-21
91846 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Clipboard protocol requires keyboard 2017-09-27
91884 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Building Weston (1.8.92) for Raspberry Pi with EGL enabled fails due to missing `libdrm` dependency 2015-09-07
91948 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Tracker bug for issues with drag-and-drop 2015-09-09
91950 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Consider whether wl_data_offer::accept should really require a MIME type 2015-09-10
92261 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- SIGSEGV in weston_surface_destroy 2015-10-02
92384 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Bogus use of wl_surface scaling leads to compositor crash 2015-10-10
92466 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- screen-share wastes cpu. 2015-10-15
92984 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Caps lock LED goes out of sync when XWayland clients set it 2015-11-19
93237 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Spontaneous keyboard layout switching after upgrade to XWayland 1.18.0 2017-01-23
93315 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Automatically scale windows? 2017-07-04
93680 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Asking for multisampling in GLX doesn’t return any framebuffer config on i965/ivb 2016-01-12
93750 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Xwayland crashes with SIGBUS when processing PutImage 2016-01-18
94519 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- wl_resource_destroy use-heap-after-free which destroied by weston_seat_release 2016-03-12
94656 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston with rdp backend crash when xfreerdp disconnect. 2016-03-21
94735 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston renders sub-surface even if parent is not mapped 2017-02-03
94760 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- ASAN reports heap-buffer-overflow in terminal 2016-03-30
94851 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Multiple GPU rendering 2017-05-12
95186 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- VT-switching on fbdev-backend goes unnoticed with logind 2016-04-28
96547 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- VMWare 12 su password dialog doesn't work under Wayland 1.11 2016-06-17
96871 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Only native resolution available with Wayland (mirroring impossible) 2016-07-09
97201 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston crash when touch on exiting application run at fullscreen 2016-08-04
97379 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Wayland buffer synchronisation is undocumented 2017-07-25
97380 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Add explicit cross-process fencing 2017-07-25
97467 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Key press passed to new window of same X client 2016-08-25
97892 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston master causes mouse input to stop working with wl_shell applications 2016-09-24
97932 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- wl_shell: Does not emit configure event 2016-09-26
98272 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Europa Universalis IV, Hearts of Iron IV, and Stellaris fail to display anything on Radeon Polaris 2017-11-15
98373 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- vaapi-recorder fails on RGB to YUV conversion on ivb 2016-10-21
98610 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- z and y keys swapped on qwertz keyboard 2016-11-06
98731 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- EGL client behaviour too undefined 2017-12-16
98766 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- We need fences support in Wayland compositors 2017-10-31
98887 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Random, one second blank external screen upon window activation or keypress 2017-04-09
99040 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Gamma not working in 3D 2017-01-19
99101 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- broken man pages in wayland-1.12.0 2016-12-15
99174 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Chromium/Chrome scroll incorrectly when running in a Wayland session with Xwayland 2018-03-09
99288 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Check if user belongs to weston-launch group always fails if user in wheel 2017-01-05
99317 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- xwayland can read clipboard without focus 2017-01-09
99338 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston, please allow command line options to Xwayland. with firejail, this can prevent non x11 apps spying on x11 apps 2017-01-10
99406 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Please add option to adjust output RGB range 2018-01-17
99489 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- weston cannot display second DISPLAY 2017-01-22
99490 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- xhost +local: should work 2017-03-08
99546 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Screen freezes after DRM_IOCTL_MODE_PAGE_FLIP failure for client buffer 2017-01-26
99619 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston-terminal crashes on gnome 2017-01-31
99830 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEW --- Multi-touch is pretty picky on finger placement 2018-05-01
99853 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Clipboard of legacy Xorg apps and Wayland compositor sometimes desyncs 2017-02-20
100115 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- How to enable planes for atomic 2017-03-22
100152 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- QGIS : erroneous mouse comportement 2017-03-11
100271 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston crashes after typing in GTK open dialog 2018-03-29
100272 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Add autohide option for panels 2017-03-18
100273 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston exposay has unclear borders 2017-03-18
100291 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston crashes when Xwayland is enabled and /tmp/.X11-unix/ does not exist 2017-03-21
100740 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Blender viewport "goes crazy" when mouse reaches viewport window edge in fly mode (Shift+F) or moving object (G) 2017-10-25
100897 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- SIGSEGV on desktop-shell focus change 2017-05-02
100939 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Can't build with LLVM/clang 2017-05-05
100946 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Not able to remove/hide the titlebar using weston.ini 2017-05-05
101036 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Chrome/Chromium's maximize button doesn't work 2017-05-14
101162 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston window frames for Xwayland views cause performance problems 2017-12-26
101193 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- XWayland does not support scaling 2017-06-15
101436 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Screen size cannot rely on wl_output scale and geometry 2017-07-27
101472 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- compositor-fbdev: Added parameter --pixman-type 2017-06-20
101477 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Drag surfaces coordinates don't follow window position 2017-06-17
101489 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Gtk.Window loses focus when clicking a Gtk.Popover 2017-06-18
101608 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Cursor only gets its top left quarter displayed on HiDPI when using the cursor plane 2017-06-27
101609 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Use a scale=2 cursor in the clients 2017-06-27
101618 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- wl_array_for_each is not C++ compliant 2017-06-28
101806 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- plasma 5: system settings crashes when I leave desktop effects kcm 2018-04-24
101922 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- subcomposited surfaces with content outside shell surface area lack proper damage on some occasions 2017-07-26
101994 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston doesn't start on DisplayLink devices, warns about geometry bounds, and exits for some reason 2017-08-02
102128 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Segmentation Fault with Weston 2017-08-10
102307 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston fails to run on seat1, because it needs a TTY. Only seat0 has TTYs 2017-08-28
102535 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston-nested met crash when close it using mouse. 2017-09-21
102628 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Whitelist allowed characters for names in wayland-scanner 2017-09-08
102690 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- add sanity check to avoid buffer overflow 2017-09-15
102721 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Xwayland refresh rate reported by xrandr is incorrect 2017-09-14
102816 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- gnome-shell crashed due XWayland crash 2018-01-01
102915 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston-simple-egl can't run in the full screen mode 2017-10-11
103063 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- YUV I420 SHM broken with GStreamer/Weston 2017-10-06
103282 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- XWayland refresh rate locked to 60 Hz 2018-05-16
103437 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Syscall param sendmsg(msg.msg_iov[0]) points to uninitialised byte(s) 2017-10-25
103894 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Synaptic Package Manager and other apps that want to display as root will not run on wayland by default 2017-11-27
103979 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Naming of input devices in Wayland 2017-11-30
104027 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Wayland crash when clicking Wacom tablet buttons 2017-12-04
104050 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- scrolllock, the only key that can switch keyboard back light can't be activated 2018-02-15
104189 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEW --- Two-finger clickfinger recognised as middle-click when thumb rejection is active 2018-03-10
104233 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- [needs triage] Crashes XWayland when moving mouse fastly on GNOME application overview 2017-12-13
104239 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston crash in multihead/x11/nested client exit, window fade out 2017-12-13
104332 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston Exposay keeps hiding the cursor, if the cursor is being hidden by the active window (like a konsole window) 2017-12-19
104389 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Output transforms 90 and 270 are inverted 2018-01-11
104680 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Palm rejection not working with wacom pen and touch screen 2018-03-07
104734 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEW --- Speed-based thumb detection causes unreliable scrolling 2018-04-20
104984 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Resource leak when screen exit for Xwayland 2018-02-07
104992 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston loses its keymap fd on VT switches 2018-02-07
105892 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- fatal: failed to create compositor backend 2018-04-05
106044 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEW --- Unreliable tap-to-click on a DELL XPS 9370 2018-04-17
106129 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston segfaults on startup if wl_event_loop_add_timer fails 2018-04-20
106179 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston-launch does not restore the interface 2018-04-24
106239 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston.ini , kaymap_layout not restored after Ctrl+Alt+Fx switches 2018-04-25
106241 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston.ini and --prefix=/usr/local 2018-04-25
106310 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- crash backtrace 2018-04-29
106313 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston freezes when mouse pointer moved to the left edge of the desktop on Intel Cherrytrail PC. 2018-05-10
106328 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEW --- Protocol A test device is incomplete 2018-04-30
106340 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEW --- Missing test cases for palm detection based on touch size 2018-05-01
106424 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- XWayland windows receive inverted mouse button events when the device is configured in left hand mode 2018-05-06
106442 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- process /usr/bin/Xwayland consume 100% CPU resources and GUI stop respond 2018-05-15
106472 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Some applications randomly stuck under xorg server 1.20 (and rc's) for example steam client 2018-05-11
106486 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Stuck in Firefox leads for stuck mouse input in all application with use XWayland 2018-05-12
106515 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs NEW --- The future is now: wayland-protocols 1.14 released on 17th May 2018-05-14
106516 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston: /shared/zalloc.h : malloc fails 2018-05-14
106518 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- valgrind findings - Invalid write 2018-05-14
106546 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- crashed when no one was at home Tue 09:45
106574 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- ./weston --help shall print to stdout 2018-05-19
106576 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Keyboard layout switcher not shown 2018-05-19
106616 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Popup menu position is wrong in Firefox (ibus-typing-booster) Tue 13:44
106620 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEW --- Xwayland crashed when I try return to desktop while playing game MAD MAX Wed 09:15
106624 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEW --- click-drag and 2 finger scroll does not work on Thinkpad T440 05:11:54
106648 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEW --- libinput trackpoint scrolling is too slow and ignores LIBINPUT_ATTR_TRACKPOINT_RANGE 11:02:57
56298 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston dnd client render issues 2014-11-28
87752 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- weston windows don't regain focus after returning to tty 2016-04-21
106122 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEW --- Weston segfaults on startup if wl_display_create fails 2018-04-18
91356 Wayland wayland ashim.shah ASSI --- Dereference a pointer after null check 2015-08-25
79502 Wayland weston frederic.plourde ASSI --- Weston needs to detect when DRM pageflip timestamps are not supported 2014-11-26
80228 Wayland weston vivek.ellur ASSI --- Clients windows can be extended into panel while re-sizing the top edge 2014-08-22
98802 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs ASSI --- RFE: libinput should let a thumb used for clicking rest anywhere on the pad, not just on the bottom edge 2018-03-12
101147 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs ASSI --- Elantech touchpad double Tap Time too short on ASUS Zenbook UX410UQ 2018-04-24
103208 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs ASSI --- One-finger movement on touchpad registered as two-finger scrolling with edge exclusion zone is touched 2017-11-11
106458 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs ASSI --- Thumb pressure detection needs a hwdb-based threshold 07:22:26
99410 Wayland libinput peter.hutterer REOP --- Lenovo Yoga X1 touchpad unprecise 2018-04-13
75303 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs REOP --- Protocol: wl_buffer.release is racy 2016-02-09
81275 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs REOP --- resizging windows is slow, flickery and momentous. 2017-04-28
99268 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs REOP --- With Clickfinger behavior, pointer movement briefly turns into a scroll when a thumb is dropped onto the pad 2018-03-12
103475 Wayland wayland wayland-bugs REOP --- Tests do not fail, if XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is unset 2017-10-27
100436 Wayland libinput peter.hutterer NEED --- Pointer jumps when using the rmi4 driver for precision touchpads 18:55:27
83113 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEED --- SIGSEGV in widget_destroy: Touch events during widget destroy cause weston-terminal crash 2016-05-23
95086 Wayland weston wayland-bugs NEED --- black screen with cursor via weston-launch, vmwgfx from tty 2016-05-23
98556 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEED --- elantech touchpad with libinput has jumps in the y axis 05:45:50
101970 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEED --- Relative mouse mode broken for various applications (netradiant, Sims 4 in wine, ..) 2018-01-01
102475 Wayland XWayland wayland-bugs NEED --- Can't use keyboard arrows in kvm with the keyboard grabbing change 2017-09-01
105512 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEED --- Invalid tap event TAP_EVENT_RELEASE in state TAP_STATE_{TAPPED,MULTITAP} 2018-03-22
105640 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEED --- Lenovo T440p - slow fine touchpad movement makes cursor jump 05:41:49
106141 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEED --- Thinkpad X240 touchpad movement is jumpy and extremely imprecise 2018-05-15
106323 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEED --- ALPS SS5 (SS4 v2) trackpoint too fast / jumpy because of readout "hole" in the center 06:38:21
106448 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEED --- Trackpoint reacts jumpy and isn't precise when moved a short distance 2018-05-13
106457 Wayland libinput wayland-bugs NEED --- HP Pavilion x360 convertible 15 br0xx. Pen/stylus works in Ubuntu 16.04, but is broken in 18.04 Tue 02:51
197 bugs found.


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