Sat Jul 4 2015 08:26:08 UTC
[daniels] wow, it's almost like sensibility crept into an open source development process.
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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
21141 xorg Input/ev peter.hutterer NEW --- constantly loses keyboard (input) 2013-03-15
42219 xorg Server/E xorg-team NEW --- Tooltips are blank/transparent for a while 2012-08-07
26415 DRI DRM/Rade dri-devel NEW --- [drm:drm_do_vm_shm_fault], shm_fault 0x0 with compiz++ 2010-02-03
28396 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer NEW --- synaptics ignores ConstantDeceleration option from xorg.conf 2010-06-08
38998 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer NEW --- Synaptics driver imposes minimum speed 2011-08-25
66532 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer NEW --- AreaBottomEdge is not always ignored and sometimes causes other touches to be ignored 2015-02-03
25096 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- Xorg server segmentation faults, seemingly at random, or triggered by xrandr 2010-02-26
73769 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- xcb_fake_test_input ignoring XCB_KEY_RELEASE 2015-06-13
82990 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- Many drivers fail to build when xserver 1.16.0 is built against glibc-2.20 2014-08-25
85023 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- WaitForSomething(): select: Invalid argument 2014-10-15
90299 xorg Driver/g xorg-team NEW --- Xorg crashes when running xscreensaver-demo (during preview of certain screensavers) Tue 03:51
31921 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer ASSI --- Using syndaemon -R causes 100% CPU and blank display 2011-04-17
54815 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer ASSI --- Synaptics clickpad lacks true multitouch with current synaptics linux driver 2014-08-27
84656 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer ASSI --- Wacom graphics tablet crashes synaptics driver 1.8.1 2015-04-07
88903 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer ASSI --- [PATCH] (priv->num_active_touches > priv->num_slots) leading to SIGSEGV Wed 13:56
90392 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer ASSI --- If I use three or more finger on my magic trackpad, synaptics freeze 2015-06-17
26213 xorg Input/sy xorg-team REOP --- window focus for mouse stuck (was: after some time, mouse input is not recognized) 2015-05-09
52496 xorg Server/I xorg-team REOP --- segfault in XIChangeDeviceProperty upon suspend 2014-11-08
31636 xorg Server/I peter.hutterer REOP --- Greater horizontal than vertical pointer acceleration with synaptics Fri 09:57
23890 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer NEED --- The cursor suddenly jumps to the right edge of the screen when finger go from the touchpad's main area to vertical scrolling area 2013-01-21
50425 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer NEED --- xf86-input-synaptics-1.6.x: click-and-drag does not work anymore 2012-06-03
50660 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer NEED --- Add support for Lenovo's SlideNav 2012-06-12
50966 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer NEED --- xf86-input-synaptics-1.6.x : Clickpad jumpy cursor in softarea 2012-06-13
77480 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer NEED --- synaptics sometimes unable to detect protocol 2014-05-18
89469 Wayland libinput peter.hutterer NEED --- hwdb: Please add Lenovo Thinkpad S440 PNPID information to touchpad.hwdb 2015-04-19
25 bugs found.
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