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12 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
42219 xorg Server/E xorg-team NEW --- Tooltips are blank/transparent for a while 2012-08-07
102442 xorg Driver/i chris NEW --- i915 segfault on archlinux / dell e6430 / HD4000 with xrandr --scale 2017-08-30
26415 DRI DRM/Rade dri-devel NEW --- [drm:drm_do_vm_shm_fault], shm_fault 0x0 with compiz++ 2010-02-03
103611 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs NEW --- In a stress test of 500 cycles of s4, it fails before 80 cycles, PM: Failed to load hibernation image 2017-11-09
66532 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer NEW --- AreaBottomEdge is not always ignored and sometimes causes other touches to be ignored 2017-06-04
25096 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- Xorg server segmentation faults, seemingly at random, or triggered by xrandr 2010-02-26
73769 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- xcb_fake_test_input ignoring XCB_KEY_RELEASE 2015-06-13
85023 xorg Server/G xorg-team NEW --- WaitForSomething(): select: Invalid argument 2014-10-15
90299 xorg Server/A xorg-team NEW --- Xorg crashes when running xscreensaver-demo (during preview of certain screensavers) 2015-07-15
99378 xorg Input/sy peter.hutterer ASSI --- Scroll valuators for synaptics are reset when using trackpoint 2017-06-20
92093 DRI DRM/Inte intel-gfx-bugs REOP --- [KBL/APL/SKL/HSW/BDW/BSW/CFL/IVB] Kernel Test, rotation is dismissed after plugging back monitors 2018-02-07
52496 xorg Server/I xorg-team REOP --- segfault in XIChangeDeviceProperty upon suspend 2014-11-08
12 bugs found.


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